Week 3: Set Your Goals

Week 3 Badge: MetricsCreate a presentation outlining 3 SMART* goals & one BHAG** (for your business)

  • Outline your strategy to get there
  • What’s in your way?
  • How will you measure?
  • How will you celebrate your success

*SMART = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound (short term/1 year)

**BHAG = Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (long term/3+ years)

Post a link to your team’s project (and/or your own board) to this page no later than 1 p.m., PST this Friday (Feb. 8, 2013).*

Additional Suggested Reading:



A Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Goals in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Conversion Funnel Survival Guide

Bonus Video: How to Use Google Analytics (by Deborah Gallant)

*Note: Feedback on your boards will be provided by Tea and Nick only to our contestants and/or official Play-at-Home members.


Updated Scores:


About Tea Silvestre

Executive Producer of Prosperity's Kitchen, author and marketing coach to solopreneurs.

  • Here is my presentation! http://youtu.be/4Dezxh85Y5Y

    • Well done. Like how you made it a YouTube video

    • Awesome job Michelle!

    • For whatever reason, I keep getting a server error. I’ll try back again later.

    • Great start and love your BHAG. You appear to have identified some totally realistic goals for yourself. What’s not clear for me is where the bulk of your clients come from. If what’s in the way of you reaching Goal 1 is enough traffic to your website, then you are relying totally on the web (true?) Goal #2 question: what percentage increase is this over what you have currently? Why would you spend $ on ads to get people to subscribe? Is that the best ROI? Also having limited reach as being the obstacle to your reach is like saying “because” when I ask “why?” WHY do you have limited reach? In goal 3 you correctly identify the obstacle to having conversations as not enough conversions. From there you have to ask why aren’t things converting? (score: 15.5/20)

  • tammy vitale

    Michelle – awesome presentation as always!

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  • Here is mine, for myself, not my team 🙂 http://prezi.com/ahtb-ccizb13/path-to-freedom/

    • Wow, this is amazing Rachel…great presentation and great clarity on your goals.

    • Always impressed when people can use Prezi! Have not been able to tackle it myself. Well done.

    • jayne drivesaferidesafe.com

      Nice job, very creative with clear goals….

    • Woot woot Rachel!

    • That is fantastic, Rachel – creative and very clear (and it’s inspired me to get mine done – alas, not in time, but still …)

    • tammy vitale

      cool presentation!

    • You’ve presented your ideas beautifully here. My only questions are about where you’ll find the time for these relatively large goals given that you’re also homeschooling your kids. Does the hubby contribute hours to this biz, too? It’s hard to see how all of this will realistically happen without someone else helping you. (Score: 18.5/20)

      • Yes, my husband does help out a lot. I spend some hours in the
        morning with the kids, then the afternoon and evening I ‘go to work’ —
        currently the library here in Panajachel.

  • Join Team #1 for a ‘cycling tour’ as we shift through 3 SMART goals for 2013 on the way to ultimately conquering a Big Hairy Audacious Goal in Japan!


    • love the way you present this and how your interests and personality come out. I’m impressed that you have so many awesome photos of you cycling!!

      • Thanks. I race a lot and also simply love cycling as it keeps me sane. Many of the photos are shot by professional photographers at races.

    • Awesome presentation! Really funny! Love the party-bike celebration.

    • jayne- drivesaferidesafe

      I like the bike analogy!

    • Great presentation Peter. I have to say, my favorite slide was toward the end where you’re shaking the hand of someone {it was in the “present” section I believe}. It was such a genuine, heart-warming, real photo.

    • Tammy Vitale

      Wow – the scenery is awesome! You actually ride those roads? Green over here! Am gonna check out Smashwords as a result of your offering here – thanks!

      • I wish I could say I ride those exact roads. But alas they are in Switzerland and Italy and France. But there are some great roads here in Japan I ride (as well as mountain trails).

    • Score: 17.5/20
      From Nick:”Peter’s goals were very enlightening to his business: he told a cohesive story through his personal brand and love of biking to his audience who will no doubt recognize many of the landmarks shown in his photos. Tying personal goals to various accidents/incidents in the realm of biking is just plain good branding. The one thing that “held it back” (I have to stretch to find something wrong here) was the lack of specificity in one or two of his goals: I’d have loved to know the page count of the book, for instance, or if he was self-publishing or had lined up a publisher. I love that the editor was a crazy devil. I’d also have liked to see a bit more expanding on what the exact roadblocks (hard to do while avoiding death-by-powerpoint).”

      From Deborah: Would have liked more detail – especially on your BHAG: What about Japanese culture are you going to change? Great job.

      From Tea: Love the fact that you included your branding as the theme for the presentation. It was nicely done. Your goals also meet the SMART criteria and your BHAG is definitely just that. What’s missing for me is a little bit more on the outline of your strategy. For example, the editor impasse is shown as conquered when you simply yell at the guy blocking your way. The humor of what you’ve presented is clear, but in the real world, that’s not how it usually works. On goal #2, package and sell your tutorials, you’ve really not outlined anything in the way of how you’ll accomplish this. I’m only getting that you lack funds — are the tutorials written? And if you only lack funds, you don’t spell out what those funds are needed for. Relying on someone outside yourself to rescue you, also isn’t the best course of action. And on your 3rd goal, how will you get hired by these folks to speak? Two or three bullet points for each goals would’ve helped tremendously.

      • Thanks for the insightful comments guys, I appreciate the feedback. In hindsight what I wished I had done was use some narrative (my voice in the background) narrating this ‘journey’ where you could get some of the details you mentioned were missing. I am not a bullet point person in slides and presentations. Just not my style and I firmly believe in telling a visual story with minimal text. Having said that I could see where as an outsider looking in there is a natural tendency to want a list of bullets. Thanks again. Time to go for a ride!

        • Narrative would’ve been perfect — kind of a TED talk, right? But yes, in lieu of voice over, we need some bullets. And I agree that bullets can be overdone, but two or three never killed anyone. 😉

  • Team #2 is posted on my blog http://byjanet.net/purple/2013/02/its-time-to-get-smart/ Had a lot of fun with this assignment!

    • Wow! Well done Janet! I can tell you guys had a lot of fun with it.

    • Jayne Team #5 DriveSafeRideSaf

      That was very fun and creative!

    • Ha, love the panda expressions. 🙂

    • I enjoyed this presentation – very fun, and “purple” – great branding. 🙂

    • Kristin (Doodie Pack)

      Well done Janet! Such fun, and I loved that you really got “honest” about your success. Baby-will-be. Go Mompreneurship!!

      • haha thanks. I was kind of joking but not really. 🙂 seems like a cool club to join. empowered women!!

  • Always love your paintings in your work. Very well mapped out action plan.

    • Tammy Vitale

      thanks, Peter!

  • jayne- drivesaferidesafe.com

    very nice! and I agree your paintings are so colorful! I am so appreciative of folks with this gift!

    • Tammy Vitale

      I used to write poetry. The group I worked with said they could always pick mine out because of the visuals. Apparently color is my thing. 😉

  • Here is Team 3’s mission presentation: http://sweetphenomena.com/goals-yo/. 🙂

    • dang, looks like you are going to win the week again! Powtoons…that looks like a cool program. Great branding. I really liked it.

      • Eh, I don’t know about that, but thanks. 🙂 PowToons was fun to use, although there was a learning curve for sure. Thanks! 🙂

    • That is a really cool tool. Never heard of it. Well done.

      • Thanks Peter. I think it’s fairly new, but it was fun to work with. Definitely took some getting used to. 🙂

    • Tammy Vitale

      Great presentation – loved the format! I’ve formed and run a non-profit (have run several non-profits but only formed one)….you’re welcome to pick my brain if you’re interested.

    • I love how you always know cool programs to complete your projects! Had never heard of Prezi or Powtoons and this one is so cute. Well done! I like the way you roll. 🙂

    • Score: 18/20
      From Nick: Tiffany creates yet another creative masterpiece. I really enjoyed watching the
      cartoon and now I have a new tech toy to learn! The goals were on-point and
      the BHAG is in line with your target market, for sure. In this format, it’s difficult to expand on the things that will stand in your way, but I’d suggest a deeper dive on that for your in-house efforts. For instance, self-publishing is a much faster road to a finished book – which brings its own unique set of roadblocks. I like how you tied in the lessons from Week 3’s show into your
      presentation and made your goals sequential in nature.

      From Deborah: “I was not convinced that you’d increase ebook sales (Goal 1) with the actions stated. And shouldn’t Goal 2 come before Goal 3 (would be much easier to sell if you already had artwork) Love your BHAG!”

      From Tea: You’ve done a beautiful job of conveying your ideas with the Powtoons platform, the presentation definitely keeps me engaged and interested. I also appreciated having your brainstorming spreadsheet as back-up. I’m wondering tho about how attainable a 50% increase in book sales is when your main strategy is to just monitor existing conversions and making changes to your site. Book sales usually depend on a much larger marketing/ outreach plan — especially when you’re looking to double your sales. Which then makes the sale of the book a lot less “passive.” If your main goal is to have more time to work on your business, you’ll have to start by carving it out now. Set an appointment with your CEO-self and keep it. Look at how you increase revenue in larger chunks — more consulting? Then you’ll have the money to reinvest in your professional development and other pieces of your biz. Also – writing a book takes a LOT of time and energy. As does pursuing a book publisher. It might be faster to do something self-published and spend some time on finding/nurturing paying clients.

  • Love the paintings!

    • tammy vitale

      thank you!

  • I posted this last night, but apparently it didn’t show up. Trying again.


  • Here is my individual project: http://www.screenr.com/9547

    • Nice job! I like how you really delved into numbers to support your goals. But then, it’s not too surprising that you’re good with numbers. I think a video course is an awesome step for you.

    • I am unable to get this to play.

    • Tammy Vitale

      wow – 1 in person and 1 webinar a month – you go Guy!

    • Your goals and strategies are clearly outlined here, the presentation itself is hard to read with so much text on a slide. I’d recommend breaking these into smaller chunks and/or using a platform that allows the reader to advance slides on their own. I had to start and stop multiple times in order to get to all the information. (Score: 17.5/20)

  • Team 5 project, Drive Safe Ride Safe: http://www.screenr.com/g547

    • Love the road sign background image for the slides!

    • Nice job! I, too, love the road sign background!

    • Score: 16/20
      From Nick: “I’m conflicted. Joseph had the *most solid* set of goals/roadblocks, etc and actual metrics of how to measure his success against his expectations, but also the “”weakest”” presentation in terms of showing off his goals. I can’t really blame him for being a numbers guy and loading out his slides with all sorts of good info, but this was most definitely death by powerpoint. I liked the inside view into Joseph’s business, though. I think a core roadblock in Joseph’s way will be developing a cohesive design language for his work and refining down his data to just the “”core”” stuff that you can get an at-a-glance understanding with.”

      From Deborah: This was not the sexiest of the presentations but was quite well thought out. A few things…I think your quantifiable goals were off (like NO website has 50% sales conversion, so that’s an unrealistic goal) and I’m not sure why you aren’t aiming higher, for broader reach beyond your own backyard. Also I’d like to see you get BIG BUCKS from the insurance companies or car companies. But maybe that’s off-topic, more about your business model and less about this metrics presentation, sorry for my rant.

      From Tea: You really poured a lot of effort into outlining a complete set of goals and strategies here. That’s to be commended. I’m a bit concerned tho that your timelines aren’t as attainable as you think. An overhaul of a website — even if you started now — might not be doable by May. Also, doubling your existing traffic in the time period you’re after isn’t completely impossible, but it IS challenging. Even when you know what you’re doing and working at it at least full-time. You may want to dial back on some of these numbers. The presentation itself was hard to follow because you used so many words on a slide. It would’ve been easier to watch/read if you’d split your ideas up into smaller chunks. Pausing the presentation to read the slides, blocked my view with the play/share buttons, so that wasn’t an option either.

  • Just under the wire… here’s my presentation: http://lisarobbinyoung.com/the-grammy-project/

    • Love that you narrated this. It definitely helps me understand what’s going on here. I’m confused tho by the shift into recording songs and winning a grammy when you started out marketing Noble Empire as a coaching biz. I’m also not clear on WHY you want to win the grammy. What will that give you? Does winning that support your Noble Empire biz somehow? Or are you shifting away from biz coaching altogether? (score: 15/20)

      • This is a interesting question, because I am an artist first, and yet, I hit this stumbling block with regularity. Coaching is how I translate my work as an artist into the business world. I “DO” then “Teach”. So yes, I build my own noble empire (which in my case is in the music arena), then show/inspire other to do the same (through their own artistic media). They run parallel, and since I could only pick ONE BHAG for the assignment, I figured this was the most applicable one. I appreciate the feedback! Thanks!

        • You did the exercise perfectly right — no bones there. Just in terms of building your Noble Empire clientele, I would’ve preferred to see goals that tied back to that piece of your biz life. BTW, love your voice!

  • Tammy, you have such a great eye. This week’s challenge was NOT one of my strengths. It’s nice to see great visuals like yours. 🙂

    • tammy vitale

      oh my word – while I can do it I didn’t want to. It was rough working this out!

  • I love issu. I didn’t even think to use it! Smart!

  • Linda Griego
    • Thanks for sharing Linda! I found your BHAG interesting; it demonstrates how different we all are and how one size definitely doesn’t fit all. 🙂

    • good luck on your goals! this is awesome!!

    • Love the specificity of your goals. You did a great job of identifying some key objectives. What’s missing for me is how you’ll achieve these goals and whether or not they’re realistic based on where you’re starting from now. The best way for anyone to understand those two things is to write your goals by way of percentage increase and then explain what you’ll do to get there and what challenges you’ll face along the way.

  • Colleen @ DigiPD

    Team 4’s presentation for Kristin Elliott of Doodie Pack – http://doodiepack.com/Goals.php

    • awesome

      • Kristin (Doodie Pack)

        Thank You for thinking so!

    • Kristin (Doodie Pack)

      Just because I had to say so. Thanks to my amazingly wonderful, talented, passionate Teammates who “got me” and let me run with this week’s project. I had big support with little resistance. There was trust and collaboration which led to HUGE breakthroughs. The poetic may have taken it by the hand a bit. If you are unfamiliar with “Secret Postcards”, you need to Google it, then watch..

    • Well done!

    • Nice job! I chuckled at the take pictures like a tourist slide. 🙂

    • Tammy Vitale

      Go Kristin. And GO Colleen whose talent really supports this team!

    • Score: 16.5/20
      From Nick: “Kristin’s goals were definitely cool and I enjoyed checking out the BHAG. The format of the presentation (video) held you back a bit, because I wanted to be able to explore the text a bit more and couldn’t. You don’t hear a lot about self-doubt when it comes to roadblocks (at least, not so far in the presentations) – so I applaud your honesty. Remember that action precedes clarity (and action often precedes your ability to handle the consequences when making business decisions) – so you have to just go for it, even when you’re afraid – especially if that fear is only self-doubt. With success comes a lot less doubt and a lot more gumption.”

      From Deborah: I thought the goals could have been more fleshed out: ie: Get Paid Promotional Speaking Engagements (1/month) in front of pet-lovers, then give yourself mini-milestones like identifying the opportunities, finding out who the decision maker is, creating support materials and then pitching. Love your BHAG! Can’t wait to see you on Shark Tank!

      From Tea: There’s definitely a lot of passion and thought behind your goals, great work. They seem very appropriate for your overall goals and meet the SMART test for sure. What’s missing for me is a little more about how you plan to accomplish these goals. I didn’t need a 20 page marketing plan, but a few bullet points about how you’ll tackle getting asked to speak at the blog conference would’ve been very helpful. Goal #3 also wasn’t completely clear to me — what is a product test? (For those of us not familiar with your language). Just a little more work and I think you’ll be much more clear about the path to success.

  • My preso is on sliderocket: http://portal.sliderocket.com/DAZKJ/PK-BHAG-and-SMART-goals. This is the submission for W3 this week.

    • Very kyool, Deanna! 🙂 :>

      Count me in for both the Bazaar & the beta! 🙂 :>
      SOOOOOO happy to see there will be a course – I’ve gotten so much Awesome from the book! 🙂 :>

    • Very nicely done. Questions: what percentage increase is 150 new subscribers for you? How will you make this happen? The bazaar sounds fun, do you already have a marketing plan outlined? The online course also sounds fun; do you have the course materials completed? Do you have a marketing plan for this already outlined? The timelines seem a little fast for me if you don’t already have a lot of this done.

  • The PK3 Team entry this week is mine for panAngle and is available at:


    Erika’s Matos for The Feel Good Shift is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0ljqgpdh65epn7/PKWK3Final.ppt

    Bara Sapirs for Test Prep NY is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/6dwsntivx9z6an2/PK3%20-%20bara%20sapir%20-%20SMART%20and%20BHAG%20pp.pptx


    • For Erika: You’ve got a great start here and have definitely grasped the point of the exercise. Not sure that your goals are totally realistic given the time frames you’ve identified. I’d be interested in knowing also where you are now (so what % increase is 50 clients?). And more importantly, how is spending your time on a book proposal going to help you achieve that? You might be better off self-publishing.

      For Bara: Really nice job of integrating your personal and professional goals. Leveraging your current relationships is a smart way to get going. Finding the time is definitely your first priority (which you identified) but you don’t say how you’ll tackle that one.

  • Kristin (Doodie Pack)

    I love brownie mix. And Paris. Nice celebration.

  • Tammy Vitale

    Made me smile. Needed that after *this* week! And the purple pandas – very nice touch!

  • Hmm, brownie batter, use of “ZOMG,” and the wedding industry; yep, I’m sold. As someone who did custom wedding cakes for several years in Seattle, I totally know what the wedding industry needs is something like this…

  • I am in the hospital, so didn’t make the deadline for my individual Week 3 mission, but I did complete it (although it needs work – it’s the first time I’ve used PowToon to create a presentation video and I need to edit some more when I get out of the hospital). I know it needs a lot of work. Tried focusing on it in between needle sticks and tests, etc. Hopefully I will be available for Monday’s call. Here is the link to my Inner Affluence SMART and BHAG project. Welcome all feedback, good and bad 🙂 I didn’t get a chance to get it embedded into my website, but our Team 5 project has been done that way. Once I complete edits I’ll figure out how to embed it properly (like Colleen did for me last week).


    • Hope you’re OK Evelyn. 🙂 I can’t view your video; it’s set to private. I used PowToons as well, so if you need help embedding it, let me know; I did mine. 🙂

      • Thanks for letting me know Tiffany. I’ve made the video public but will have to figure out how to embed it in my website once I also figure out if there is a way to slow down the speed so the text can be better read. I may ask you for help with this when I get out of the hospital. I can’t believe they’re letting me work on a computer considering everyone is wearing masks and sterile garments so I don’t catch anything. Can’t wait to go home…

        • hope you’re ok Evelyn! Sending good thoughts your way. All is well 🙂

        • Kristin (Doodie Pack)

          Evelyn, I am sending healthy and healing thoughts. NOTHING else matters, dear. NOTHING!

        • You are in my prayers Evelyn. Take care and hope you feel much better soon!

    • Hope all will be well soonest! 🙂 :>

    • Love that you’ve taken the time to crunch the numbers and figure out how many people you need in order to hit your goals. It’s hard to know whether or not you’ve got the right strategies in place to achieve these goals tho, because there isn’t a lot of how I’ll do this attached here. Growing traffic and subscribers yes. But how? The presentation also flew by a little too quickly to fully absorb all the info. Had to watch a few times which made it hard.

  • Ang I’m not into weddings but if I were into the whole marriage thing eventually, you’ve definitely sold me as the coolest chick to go to!! Love this presentation.

  • Okay, Ms Tea, here is my project. For the mo’, you are either stuck with PDFs or a SlideShare presentation with the formatting all messed up, as I need to get away from the computer for a while before this Bird goes *poof* into a pile of frazzled feathers. :>


    Since you have expressed a desire for more appropriate-pushing-back, I would like to make a polite+respectful-but-strongly-requested request that those of us who at least attempted this critter be allowed to compete for a badge this week, even if late.

    As you said, this was a lot to take in within the space of four days. :> I have been thinking about it intensely over the time given. I have a fist-ful of pages of notes taken over that time, but did not come up with the solution of how to present them in a mutually-useful format until this a.m.

    I have achieved the educational goals of this Mission by doing the thinking around the Metrical Flow you were aiming us for, and did the SlideShare learning as well, so it does not feel unreasonable to make this request. 🙂 :>

    Thank you most kindly for your consideration! 🙂 :>

    Chirp, chirp! 🙂
    -Birdy :>

    • Hey Birdy, I hear you. The consideration is that if I allow your project to be late, then it’s not fair to the other players. After all, if they had known they could be late, I’m sure they would’ve taken advantage of that. And since prizes are involved here (some actual cash), we need to make sure the rules are the same for everyone. So with that in mind, I’ve offered up a gift to each player (see the FB group for more info), and if you’d like to use one of your deadline passes on this week’s project, you may. Just need to let me know.

    • Glad you’re not afraid to not follow the rules. While I totally understand your desire to not attach numbers to this presentation, it won’t really be complete until you do. And as an objective 3rd party, I’m unable to really evaluate whether or not your goals are attainable until that happens. Otherwise, I think you’ve got a great start here.

      • Will be back after the Kitchen with them, since I read elsewhere that you’ll be happy to take another look after we’re all done. 🙂 :>

        Btw… as a side note, thank you for your help with the getting-unafraid-again. It’s been a long, hard road and you’ve definitely been a positive part of it. 🙂 :>

  • This slideshow and your manifesto last week really helps to get to know the inner you and what drives what you do. As Simon Sinek said in his infamous TED Talk – “people don’t buy what you do. They buy WHY you do it.” Your WHY is screaming loud and clear and this is what attracts people to you, not simply that you plan weddings!

  • Had a major problem with Prezi and totally missed the deadline. This is not great, but it’s done – http://prezi.com/gzr5lwzm0sxh/where-my-biz-is-going/

    • Prezi does take some getting used to. To be honest, I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. Your outline is a great start, Sharon. Now it’s time to dig in and fill out the nitty gritty details so you can make all this wonderful stuff happen.

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  • Love the format and creativity of your presentation. Also starting from the BHAG and working outward is smart. What would make this presentation sing is more specificity with numbers. And dates. How many books do you want to sell by when? And how will you get there? Love the idea of an educational series – what’s your deadline? How many “students” do you want to have? (Score: 18/20)

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