Week 2 Winning Missions: The Manifesto

Score: 18.5/20 | Winning Team

winning team project

Team 1: Ang, Peter & Mike

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Notes from the Judges on this Project:

Nick: This is spot-on. I’m going to make this a required exercise for all of my clients, and I’m going to cite this as the perfect example of what to do, every time.

The ONE thing that kept me from giving this a perfect score: while holistically, this is brilliant (and I mean brilliant – seriously, where were you when my wife and I were getting married?) is that the narrative of the individual pieces (the sayings), while descriptive and interesting, just isn’t cohesive and the call-to-action to click is a bit light. Other than that… it’s brilliant.

Tea: Really love the creative way you’ve pulled together all these thoughts. It’s a fabulous presentation, but I think you could take this just a teensy bit further and incorporate a little more of the rebellious flavor you point to in your ideal client profile. I’d also look at using less fonts (maybe cap it at around 3)…too many fonts dilute the look and feel of your brand.

Pamela: This manifesto is creative! I love the interactive aspect of it … although I almost missed it. You might want to emphasize the “Click on stuff” message even more.

The messages themselves — and especially the images, videos and text the messages link to — are a brilliant way to express how your business is different. After spending time with this manifesto, it should be very clear if your business is a good fit for the person reading. And if it is, they probably feel pretty excited to contact you, because it’s clear you “get” them.

I love that the last message on the bottom right leads to a contact form. This is an excellent idea. After all, once they’ve spent time with your manifesto, they should be excited to work with you! So giving them a place to sign up or contact you is smart. ”

Score: 18/20 | Solo Project

Tiffany Manley

Tiffany Manley, Sweet Phenomena

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Sweet Phenomena Manifesto

Feedback from Tea: This was a real treat to read through; the only thing I could’ve wished for was a more readable font but hey — other than that it was spectacular. I love your use of color, Prezi and the fact that you talk about what you want to do with your business so clearly. Great job!

Score: 16/20 | Winning Play-at-Home Team Project:

Team C3: Jessica, Megan and Stacey

Team C3: Jessica, Megan and Stacey

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Feedback from Tea: You’ve got a clear and simple message and it shines through; your video is beautiful, but I’d recommend you go back and cut out the messages that repeat. Definitely solid work.

Score: 17/20 | Winning Play-at-Home Solo Project:

Lisa Robbin Young, Noble Empire

Lisa Robbin Young, Noble Empire

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Feedback from Tea: Nicely done. It’s simple and easy to understand, inspiring and looks professional. I’d like to know more about YOUR big why — why are you doing this (vs pursuing your own musical career, for example). A small bit of intro text would go a long way.

More manifestos (and feedback from judges) can be found in the comments on the mission page.


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  • Thanks judges! I’m already working on making the thought process more cohesive.

  • Stacey Shanks

    Great feedback! You all had your work cut out for you! So glad I wasn’t a judge. Whew!!