Week 2: Create a Manifesto

branding-bigOn Your Website, in any digital format you like, Create Your Manifesto. It should answer at least these questions:

  • What is your Big Why?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What is your mission, vision?
  • What are your values?

Post a link to your team’s project (and/or your own board) to this page no later than 1 p.m., PST this Friday (Feb. 1, 2013).*

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*Note: Feedback on your boards will be provided by Tea and Nick only to our contestants and/or official Play-at-Home members.

This week’s score:


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    • tammy vitale

      love the colors and the poster with your logo – inspiring!

    • Colleen Conger

      What a breath of fresh air your manifesto is Michelle. I can totally relate with struggling with my weight and being defeated on so many occasions when the number on the scale went up, not down. Your story is a powerful one and why I believe you’re bond and influence on your clients is so powerful.

    • Michelle I love your approach to health & wellness and really relate to our ‘body knows’ and can heal itself intuition. I love all the things you stand for and it was great to design something for your brand and so glad you loved the outcome! 🙂 You and Linda make me proud to be part of team two!!

    • (Score = 17/20)
      From Nick: “I love the message behind this manifesto – and it certainly is complete and on-point for the market you’re trying to attract. The one thing that I struggled with was that the manifesto itself was really long and in mixed formats. The trick: the old stage parlance of “”tell em what you’re gonna tell ’em, tell ’em, and tell ’em what you’ve told em”” – but here, keeping the customer’s point of pain in mind. It looks like you’ve chunked the info effectively into major pain points, but if I’m struggling with one in particular, I have to know that and scroll all the way down, etc. There’s a load of great info here, but it sort of gets lost in each section.”

      From Tea: “Great job! Love that you took a multi-media approach here. Your message is clear and you answered all the main questions. I totally get where you’re coming from. If you want to polish this up a bit more, look at reducing the number of fonts you’re using in the image (2 to 3 is best; you can change things up with color and tone) and have those be consistent in your video. The video is also really nice, but the audio levels change drastically between the times you’re talking and there’s just music. ”

      From Pamela: “This manifesto does an excellent job of being “customer-focused.” It’s written from the point of view of the reader, and that’s immediately engaging. I’m not sure if this is part of this week’s assignment, but adding a call to action at the end of the manifesto would help the reader know what you’d like them to do next. Maybe you want them on your mailing list? Or you’d like them to email you for a free consultation? Right at the end of the manifesto is where you’d add that. The video could be a little shorter. If someone told you it needed to fit in a minute and a half, what would you leave in? What would you cut? There are some volume problems in the video: the face-to-face portions are very quiet in comparison to the “section” slides. Leveling this out will make your video more professional, and it will work better for the viewer. Overall, this manifesto does a good job balancing content length and customer focus. Congratulations!”

  • Kristin (Doodie Pack)

    Proudly posting my manifesto: http://doodiepack.com/Manifesto.php

    • tammy vitale

      what a perfect representation for you – love the poster! and all the interactive links!

    • Colleen Conger

      Kristin, I wish we could have coded all the love you have for Doodie Pack into your manifesto. It was fun playing with “Lance” and getting the design out of your brain and onto paper. I need more clients like you 😀

    • Awesome poster (nice work Colleen!) and love your brand colors too. Wish I had a dog again!!

    • The poster is great. Very different.

    • This was mostly clear and simple but the injection of the red words inside the rest of your copy threw me for a loop. I think you should keep the red words, but I’d recommend you either sub them for one of the existing white words, or change one of the white words to red so that the copy flows and makes sense. (15/20)

    • I really like it. Great design.

    • Colleen Conger

      Very well written Sharon – of course – you’re a writer 😀 You’ve got great business values (several I plan on adding to my own manifesto.) Thanks for explaining what a polymath is. I’ve recently discovered I’m an autodidact. Now that I’ve read your manifesto, I think I’m a polymath too. Glad to know there’s more of us out here 😀

      • Thanks, Colleen (and help yourself). I bet you are a polymath too and while I’ve got qualifications in some things, I’m an auto-didact in others, like using WordPress. 🙂

    • Really liked your clear, interesting, Manifesto, Sharon.

    • Very clear and focused. You definitely get your point across. I’d like to see you inject a little more of that fun personality tho. (16/20)

  • Motivational Leadership Training Manifesto http://docprov.com/manifesto.html

    • Colleen Conger

      Super creative Michael! You look great in a chef’s hat 😀 What a great idea incorporating the cooking theme into your manifesto. I think you should get some brownie points for “channeling your inner chef.” 😀

    • The video presentation really gives this manifesto some personality — nice first try. The filming tho was a little wobbly which made me a bit seasick. You might want to re-do this with a better camera(man). The written portion could use the same injection of personality — it comes off a little jargony and I’m not sure it would appeal to the ideal customer you identified in week 1. (15/20)

  • jayneubl

    Okay, here’s the DriveSafeRideSafe manifesto —http://www.drivesaferidesafe.com/about/

    • Colleen Conger

      I felt like I just wanted to keep reading and scrolling, reading and scrolling. The images at the top with you and your team branded with the driver’s licenses – awesome! You nailed this mission Jayne!

    • This is a very complete message and I know it can be hard to be creative in 4 days or less, but to improve this one, you could take it much much further by using audio, video or other multi-media. I love that you kept things in your driving theme, but consider extending that even further into the rest of your graphics. Using clipart is a quick fix — better to have your own branded illustrations, or to use clip art from the same artist so it looks more professional. (16/20)

  • Team 1’s Manifesto for my company, Lowbrow Events: http://lowbrowevents.com/manifesto

    • ooo creative presentation, i love it!

      • Thanks guys! It was a lot of work (I broke it right before our team meeting last night), but I really wanted something interactive that I could saturate with keywords. I wanted people to be able to pick and choose what they wanted to focus on (what was important to them), organically state my mission while keeping my personality, and at the end have a call to action. I’m pretty happy with it!

    • tammy vitale

      very cool interactive thing you’ve got going on there Team 1!

    • Colleen Conger

      Ang, your manifesto is creatively awesome! So much so, I investigated your source code and figured out which plugin you used so I can start offering the cool effect to my web design clients. Fantastic presentation and perfectly suited for your ideal client(s). Kudos!

      • Thanks Colleen! I got dinged for creativity last time, so wanted to go the extra mile. I’m sorry you had to look at my code, I usually like to work clean, but this is so messy its embarrassing. Here’s some background info: *WARNING EVERYONE LOTS OF TECH TALK TO FOLLOW*

        I went through a LOT of plug ins, I had some issues because the theme I use (Elegant Themes) comes with a very limited version of fancybox that’s hardcoded in multiple areas, so I couldn’t call it twice. I used Lightbox Plus initially, and it worked fine, until I realized that there was something up in the php where it was only allowing access for those with admin permissions. So I could see it, but no one else could. I had put a LOT of work in the CSS customizing everything under the Lightbox Plus shortcodes, that I didn’t even end up using.

        I had to DL two plugins to make it work, one was a plugin to negate the call for fancybox, the other was Easy Fancybox. Easy Fancybox has a shortcode for videos, but it wasn’t working, so I had to treat everything as inline, and use the Youtube embed codes instead of the short codes. It kind of sucks, because it doesn’t auto size, but it gets the point across.

        I had to use dual classes on the a href links (the lbp-inline-link and fancybox).

        There was another plugin I wanted to use, FitText, which I’ve used on other sites, but for some reason it wasn’t cooperating here. All it would have done is resize the text to take up the entire area, so I wouldn’t have any rough edges. I tried to fake it with CSS, but it’s not perfect.

        jQuery is the most fantastic thing ever created.

        • Love the *WARNING* label on your reply 😀 I had NO idea the plugin could do what you did. It’s just frickin’ awesome Ang. I know you’re busy with Lowbrow Events, but dang, you’re super techy with the web design stuff. Maybe a side business during the wedding off season?

          • haha i agree! impressed with the tech skills and fancy jargon above. 😉 more reason why I think polymaths are awesome!!!

          • Actually, web design is my day job (Technically I’m a “Design & Strategy Consultant”). I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing boss who supports me, and is totally cool when I say “Hey I’m going to be in Seattle for a week on this date, and need about 30 Fridays off on these other days.” and who lets me handle business calls and stuff in the office.

        • Kristin (Doodie Pack)

          I am laughing at myself. Greek…

      • DOH, I just saw you’re using Elegant Themes too. A company in Canada made a plug in to fix that issue. http://sunriseweb.ca/2012/12/add-fancybox-to-elegantthemes-themes/

    • Love the presentation – and the tech-splanation. 🙂

    • Congrats! See the Winners’ Showcase page for your feedback/score: http://prosperityskitchen.com/week-2-winning-missions-the-manifesto/

  • tammy vitale

    This should say Colleen did amazing and unceasing work helping me to make and get videos to insert and Kristin helped my by showing me a manifesto she had written a while back which aided in my understanding of manifestos (along with a lot of “You go girl”)

  • Here’s my manifesto: http://lisarobbinyoung.com/manifesto/ The script is featured below the video, just in case there are audio issues.

  • Tiffany Manley
    • Colleen Conger

      Wowza Tiffany! I’ve never heard of Prezi before I saw your manifesto. Super cool. Your manifesto is gorgeous. I love your colors and the way you presented your manifesto with the handwritten diary/journal. Brilliant!

    • Super sweet, indeed! Loved this cute presentation. I really sense the fun personality behind your brand. 🙂

    • jayne – drivesaferidesafe

      I agfee — colors and images and overall concept a sweet approach!

    • Fabulous!

    • For feedback, see the Winning Missions page: http://prosperityskitchen.com/week-2-winning-missions-the-manifesto/

  • Team 5’s Manifesto for my company, Inner Affluence. http://www.evelynkalinosky.com/this-is-me/inner-affluence-manifesto

    • Colleen Conger

      Holy cow, I didn’t realize I was of the age that society thinks I should be “out to pasture.” I’m glad you’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. A beautiful manifesto Evelyn. And look at you! You figured out how to create the design we talked about all by yourself. Great job and beautiful work!

    • (Score = 17/20)

      From Nick: Compare and contrast – Team 4 vs Team 5. Similar messages, similar target markets. Team 4 gave me a very clear “”ok, this is the practical application of what I need/what I’ll be doing”” here with an awkward structure that doesn’t lend itself to a resounding “”YES, SIGN ME UP””. Team 5 gives us a jargon-filled version of the same thing, but with much more resonant delivery. It’s almost like a check-list of things you want to change in your life and what to do about it, but the practicality of the execution is lost in jargon. It’s a solid attempt. Combine the best bits of Team 4’s and Team 5’s manifestos for maximum effect, both are just inches away from their desired effect.”

      From Tea: You did a wonderful job of pulling together the foundational points of why you’re doing what you’re doing and building on them to the conclusion at the end. For the most part, the manifesto feels focused and clear. If you wanted to make this even better, I’d suggest you replace the song on the video with something instrumental and then do your own voice over…it has the potential to encapsulate your entire message and stand on its own, if you do. There were a couple of places where it did feel like you started to try to be all things to all women — the beginning of your manifesto mentions a particular age bracket, but the rest of your manifesto doesn’t do enough to speak to that age bracket (it felt more like all women at several points).

      From Pamela: The manifesto content is powerful, and would work even better if the language was turned around to focus on your ideal customer, and used the present tense. So: “Because I want to make this one life count, I will …Believe. In. Possibility.
      follow my passion – it knows where to go
      define on my own terms what success looks and feels like”
      Becomes …
      “Because you want to make this one life count, you …Believe. In. Possibility.
      follow your passion – it knows where to go
      define on your own terms what success looks and feels like”
      The reader will always be more engaged with a message that’s written about them. It answers the “What’s in it for me?” question more directly.
      The video is excellent. It would be easier to follow the well-written message if the music was instrumental. As it is now, the viewer struggles to read the words on screen and follow the words in the song simultaneously. It’s more important that they read your message, so I’d recommend nixing the lyrics and pairing the video with an soaring, inspiring instrumental piece.

  • Colleen Conger

    Digital Photo and Design – The ABC’s of a Creative Manifesto – http://www.digitalphotoanddesign.com/the-abcs-of-a-creative-manifesto/

    Enjoy! 😀

    • Love your tell-it-like-it-is language in your manifesto. Actually, I don’t like it – I LOVE it!

      • Colleen Conger

        When I first got into business for myself, I thought you had to be this corporate business person that never, ever let anybody ever see your personal side. Boy, have things changed – and I’m glad. I think I’ve found my “voice” which will now become my brand for both personal and business.

    • tammy vitale

      Colleen – where did you find time to put this together?! It’s awesome! And it looks pretty on the page too!

      • Colleen Conger

        Would you believe me if I told you I wrote it out in about an hour and a half? All I can think is that the words and concepts had to percolate and simmer while I helped you with our team project and Kristin with hers that I realized I’m both doomed and blessed to have a creative soul. I just needed to see it for myself.

    • agreed with Evelyn, LOVE the copy!!

      • Colleen Conger

        Thanks Janet. I’ll be building on this manifesto for a long, long time. I want to include a passionate video like you have in yours.

    • Very creative way of presenting you Manifesto, really caught my eye and wanted to know more 🙂

    • This is a fun format, but sometimes when we use the A to Z approach it can feel like some of the items were added just so you could make an A to Z format (and not because what you said was crucial to your point); I’d also like to see you tie this back to your ideal client more — it felt like your manifesto, and definitely something that other creatives would adopt, but not necessarily something your ideal client might latch onto…also the word jumble had a LOT of words and a LOT of colors — some of those colors were a little bright for me and made it unreadable on my screen. As a graphic designer, you want to put your best foot forward — consider everything you do as part of your design portfolio. (14/20)

  • ack here is my solo one http://www.byjanet.net/purple/about it’s just replacing my about page that i wanted to change for a long time anyway

    • Janet, It hit me right between the eyes and heart when I read the last part of your manifest: “I expat in my own country of origin and live life in Gestalt principles, in the in betweens, desperately trying to fill-in the gaps.
      As tough as I am, I never take the easy route. I live on my own terms, and I build my own riches. I am not from a family of Entrepreneurs and this path has challenged my own self-perception and inner demons. I’m vulnerable. I struggle. I am human.” – I’d love to see you place this much farther up in your Manifesto description because it is so strong, vulnerable and captivating. Nice work!

    • Love it!

    • Colleen Conger

      You’ve got a fire in your soul Janet and it jumped out of my computer screen when I watched your video. And here I thought your “bathroom confessional” would be my favorite video of you. I’m so glad we both occupy this creative space we live in. You’re one talented chicky and there’s great big things on the horizon just waiting for you to grab ahold and shake things up!

    • I love the idea of using the poem/video to kick off your ideas, but I’m not sure it’s the right one for this particular message — it’s a fabulous poem to be sure, but it doesn’t really speak to your mission of being a graphic designer for conscious entrepreneurs; I also expected more graphics/images from you because you’re a designer — the one wordle you’ve got there doesn’t really show off your skills as a graphic designer. Lot’s of passion expressed here, but it needs to be clarified a bit more in terms of business. (15/20)

    • amazing video Janet! Really awesome.

    • Colleen Conger

      The words are beautiful, the colors soothing and the message inspirational. Thanks for sharing your passion and faith. You are truly a blessing 😀

      • Thank you so much Colleen, your kind words means a lot to me 🙂

    • Your ideas are clear and focused but I’d like to see just a bit about what it all means to your ideal client (vs. just you). For example, you want people to see you as a signpost to Jesus. Why? How does that benefit them? You want to be known as someone who lives the Word of God, but what does that mean to your ideal client? You always want to tie it back to them. Otherwise, it’s just a personal manifesto and not a biz manifesto. (13/20)

  • What an amazing, awe-inspiring Manifesto your team put together, Tammy. I’m a huge fan of your art anyway, and it adds so much to the overall look and feel of your Manifesto – it captures and engages me, and more than that – makes me want to take action, – which is what a Manifesto is all about. Kudos!

    • tammy vitale

      Thanks, Evelyn!

    • Really love your Manifesto video, Rachel. I am an explorer and in a different life I would probably have been a nomad traipsing all around the world. The world as classroom. More people need to check out what’s beyond their own front door…

      • Thanks Evelyn! You’re absolutely right.

    • Colleen Conger

      Rachel, your manifesto is perfect! It makes me want to sell our house, hook up the camper and hit the open road. It definitely makes me feel like I can achieve my dream of travel no matter where I am in life. Loved how you incorporated Pinterest across the entire manifesto too. How do you find the time to do all this beautiful work?

      • Thank you Colleen 🙂 (Get up early, stay up late is how I get it done) 🙂

    • Loved your video Rachel!! And LOVE the music track too. If/when I ever have kids I definitely want to raise them gallivanting the world and being global citizens. I wholeheartedly believe this will change the world for the better! Resonate with your brand. 🙂

    • Jayne drivesaferidesafe


      This was beautiful and heartfelt and feelgood and well done…touche!

    • That was beautiful – made me want to start a trip today!

    • (Score: 17.5/20)
      From Nick: “A solid manifesto, unique in the fact that what you’re asking the customer to take on will not always be pleasant (“”discover discomfort””), but will certainly lead to personal growth because of it. Two things hold it back: a warning that this isn’t always going to be feel-good information (particularly in this manifesto – but that’s what adventure is all about. Just prime them first) and the length combined with various formats of information. A manifesto is one step beyond the “”elevator pitch””, right? It’s all about getting someone on board with why they should care about what you care about (expanding on a point of pain) – or why someone is totally wrong for your business (it’s not a point of pain they share). It’s an opt-out page. The images do a wonderful job of getting to the point, while the video goes a bit slower, and the text is important to the context of both could easily be culled down to about 3 sentences.”

      From Tea: In terms of creativity, love the use of your own photos (you’re good with a camera!) and the creation of multiple ways of consuming the information. If you get a chance to polish this, I’d make sure the fonts used in the video match those you used in your PDF (right now there are too many different ones). I’d also love to hear your voice during the video to break it up a little bit and make it different from the PDF. There are so many words and ideas presented that if I had to sum up, it would be difficult. You could do that by using your own voice or by eliminating a few of the words from the presentation. Travel is such a huge topic and clearly there are a ton of reasons why you’ve set out on this journey…think about narrowing down to just 3 or 4 words per section and then using your voice to do the rest.

      From Pamela: This is an excellent example of repurposing content, and is an inspiration for all small business owners! This team created images and used them in an ebook, video, on a Pinterest board, and on a web page. Smart, smart, smart, because you’re reaching out to a much wider audience for just a little more effort. I see a common thread with many of these manifestos: they’d be stronger if they were edited more tightly. Attention spans are at an all-time low, and videos over two minutes can feel long and drawn out. Don’t be afraid to pick only the best of the best images and most compelling messages, and leave the rest “on the cutting room floor.” The other thing I notice here is that the images and messages seem to work better on Pinterest, in the ebook and on the web page. At first, I couldn’t figure out why, and then I realized it’s because the “discover, share, inspire” words were missing in the video. These words provide an overall structure to your message, and including them in the video images would help the viewer to fully understand your message. I’m impressed with the amount of work that went into this entry, and again — kudos for repurposing and making the most of your message on multiple platforms.”

    • Colleen Conger

      Aw Birdy, this is soooo you. I immediately searched for a kitten 😀 Upon reading your manifesto, I’ve gotten such a clearer picture of what you are all about and what you stand for. Thanks for writing it and sharing your unique and chirpy demeanor with us all :-> (chirp, chirp)

    • Your ideas are nearly complete here — very clear to understand; the bit about helping people create better businesses tho’ threw me for a loop (too many missions will dilute your message); I love the concept of the image you created at the top, but it is way too small for my little eyeballs to read and comprehend. I’d also look at narrowing down the number of fonts and colors you’re using so that you get a rainbow effect without actually using every color and font available; again – that dilutes your branding. But overall – really nice! (15/20)

      • Thank’ee’s! 🙂 :>

        Will tuck in a message to click on the image – it’s huge, so the piccy you see is a preview. :>

        As to the why of the biz thing… just wait for this week’s project. It all fits together, promise. 🙂 :>

        After all these long years, the murmurration is flying along nicely togethers. 🙂 :>

  • The Feel Good Shift – Erika Matos: http://thefeelgoodshift.com/the-manifesto/

    • Colleen Conger

      Erika, your manifesto is more than that – it’s a creed that all of us should use every single day. I loved it and you presented it beautifully!

    • Since you’ve got a 12-week program, you might want to consider making your manifesto reflect the principles you cover there…you could have a 12-Steps to Recover your Feel Good Life (or, if you didn’t want to go that route, change the # of weeks to reflect the 16 points you’ve noted in your manifesto. I’d also like to see you tie this back to your ideal client with some text either before or after so that your business’ specific mission is identified and clear. (13/20)

    • Colleen Conger

      I loved how you laid the words over the butterfly. The design immediately caught my eye and then when I read the text, I was inspired to and be better. Great job!

    • In your ideal client profile you talk about going after young males — but this image seemed more appropriate for young women? The overall image needs to be larger to be more readable. (13/20)

  • Shaun Roney
    • Colleen Conger

      Shaun, your SlideShare made me smile and smile and smile some more. Everything about your product and how you present it is super sweet and fun. Your manifesto doesn’t disappoint.

    • I smiled all the way through this – great job!

    • It’s a lovely piece, but is missing your big why, your mission/vision; consider adding a written post to go with so you can focus/clarify these. (13/20)

  • Colleen Conger

    If there was a secret sauce Tammy, it would be the strength, drive and focus you have for your business and the love for your clients. You’re manifesto helped me find my way in writing my own manifesto. The information from Doc Prov and Tiffany brought the whole process together in a tidy package. Here’s to a win this week. But if it’s not ours to claim, your manifesto is a crown and a beautiful representation of who you are as an incredible woman!

    • tammy vitale

      (because this space won’t make one), Colleen – thank you. And I totally agree about Doc Prov and Tiffany

  • The message on your video was so inspiring! I BELIEVE and I LOVE too! I resonate with the creativity infused in your brand. 🙂 I haven’t read it yet, but it makes me think of Women Who Run With the Wolves. Very empowering. Great work, wild woman!!

    • tammy vitale

      Funn you should mention Women/Wolves – that is the book that started my journey to where I am today in 1994, given to me by my (still) longest friend for my birthday that year. I never told her I was really wanting it but on a budget. She figured it out on her own (she lives in CA and I in MD even then). You know there is magic there!

  • Here’sssss my manifesto…finally! I HATE WordPress! http://www.javaraiz.com/357-2/?preview=true&preview_id=357&preview_nonce=16a0fd1297

    • Thanks Linda – you copied the wrong URL here (fyi), It should be: http://www.javaraiz.com/357-2/ – also – because you missed the deadline, we won’t be able to score your project this week. But will try to give you some feedback.

    • You’ve laid out a very clear case for your big Why and the values you’re adhering to along the way. Good work! To polish it up even further, think about using bigger images and/or additional ones to break up the text a little more.

  • What a great job you all did!!!! Congratulations!

  • Wow! Everyone did an awesome job. I was unable to do the solo manifesto for my business due to a bad cold and preparing for a HUGE client gig last Friday. Hope to do my own manifesto after the fact and will share with you all!

  • Stacey Shanks

    Here is our manifesto for Conscious Entrepreneurs:


    Would love any feedback. Thank you

  • Stacey Shanks

    I am not sure what happened to our post, but here is the Creative Entrepreneurs:


    We would love the feedback. Thank you.

  • That is an AMAZING manifesto, Tammy. SO inspiring.

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  • (Score = 15.5/20)
    From Nick: “This is a great brand and standpoint (getting women to a Hell Yes! life? Awesome amount of sass) — but the manifesto doesn’t reflect your customer’s point of pain so much as your methodology in why you run your business. There’s a difference here: it’s sort of like explaining why brie is the best cheese to use in any recipe when giving a recipe for broccoli cheddar soup, right? They might agree, but that’s not why they’re here.
    The direct application (what’s written on the posters) gives me a really clear picture of the type of person you’re looking for and what the path will be like.
    The video is spot-on, the passion is clear, the mission is evident – but I want to see that directness in the text as well and it just doesn’t get there for me. What’s the call to action? How do I join you on this quest? What’s the story, the rally cry, the thing I need to nail to the wall so everyone will read it moving forward?”

    From Tea: There’s definitely a lot of passion conveyed in this manifesto which is a good thing. The prose poem works well in terms of reinforcing this passion. What gets lost, for me, is your specific mission in terms of a business (empowerment for all women is a fabulous mission, but HOW are you going about that?). There’s SO much going on here that it’s hard to see exactly what your biz is meant to accomplish. The presentation is mostly good — to polish this up, you might want to consider either removing the video at the top or adding your voice with music (it’s completely silent and the words on the art go by too fast to take them all in). I’d also look at revising the images — there’s too many words and fonts being used and the images themselves are too small to be readable. They’re really more distracting than they are serving the purpose you’d like them to. It’s a very strong message that you’re trying to convey — what you want to do is pick maybe 10 things and narrow down to those 10. Make sure they support your business’ #1 mission (what do you want to be known for? tell me in 10 words or less).

    From Pamela: “I love the handcrafted aspect of the video, and the length is great — perfect for today’s attention spans. 🙂
    I’d love to hear instrumental music in the background of the video. I found myself hitting the volume key on my computer, confused that maybe I was missing something.
    The content of the written manifesto is heartfelt and powerful. The layout of the page isn’t helping it right now, though. Flush right text is hard to read because the starting point of each line changes. It may seem “boring,” but I’d recommend making all the text on the page flush left.
    Using the same font sizes will help, too. Again: it seems “boring” to do this, but the net effect is that it puts the spotlight on your words and promotes an effortless reading experience, which is exactly what you want.
    Making the manifesto more of a story about your ideal customer will help keep them engaged in your message. Something as simple as changing “I believe” to “You believe” will powerfully shift how the reader relates to your message.”

  • somehow my comments are getting eaten up by the techno gremlins … they say 3rd time’s a charm. fingers crossed LOL Blogging wi/ Gypsy’s manifesto is at http://www.gypsystreasures.com/manifesto — I was the focus this week for the W3 group in the Play at Home side 🙂

    • Yay … it worked! **happy dance** 😀

    • Lots of passion here! To make improvements, consider making the image you’ve got at the top either bigger or different so the text on that little note is readable. You’re also using multiple fonts which is a little distracting (pare down to just 2 or 3). I definitely feel your passion and your good vibe, but I’m wondering more about how all this fits into what you’re doing for folks (website design wise) Most of your items listed could just as easily fit for a life coach. Which is okay – if you’re going to bill yourself as the life coach web designer. A little tweaking would make this really spectacular. (14/20)

  • Here is my week 2 project, the manifesto: http://www.salarynegotiators.com/about/ It is on the about page of my website. Thank you Tea for allowing me this “gift of time”!

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