Week 11 Winning Projects

Winning Score – Team Project: 18/20 (4.33 – 4 – 5 – 4.67)

The Winning Project:

Notes from the Judges

From Tea: This was a great video to watch and will probably be shared more than average, too. Fabulous work. In terms of your video title, I’d recommend something a little more specific/searchable than “symposium” (e.g. Engagement Rings: Why Do They Matter). Also – technically, you were on camera, but it wasn’t clear that you were representing Low Brow events. (I didn’t take off points for this, just would’ve preferred to see your smiling face at the beginning maybe in an overlay as you talked about the blog post that started it all). Suggestions to consider: most folks won’t care about the blog post being the impetus for this video — you could start us off directly with just one simple question: What does an engagement ring *really* mean? And then you’d have more time to let the folks tell their stories. Also – bump up your energy before you talk. I know you want to be authentic, but you can do that and still sound like you’re having a great time. Right now, your energy/voice is lower than what most of us would expect from someone who loves what they do. You will convey your passion for great weddings via how you talk about weddings/engagements/etc and that includes your persona on video.

From Steve: “It was good in the emotion department. I loved the stories of the girls and their rings, but about 2/3 of the way in it got dark and it didn’t quite recover. I also wasn’t sure what the intent of the video was. What was the call to action? I can’t remember anything specific and it should be both clear and memorable.”

From Nick: “Touching, heartfelt, and features your core fans. How can you go wrong? I’d love to see plenty of follow-ups on this: how these couples are doing one year later, if their ideology has changed or even how they did their own weddings, etc. I’d also love to hear it from the MALE perspective since there’s a LOT of pressure on dudes to get the right kind of ring. Overall, I think this was a great video, perfect score. Well done. One quick note: I know you were disappointed you couldn’t add in fancier stuff, that’s OK. Annotations are great once you get ’em, but for now – the video is fine the way it is. Also: your audio got REALLY quiet from time to time.”

Winning Score – Solo Project: 19/20 (4.5 – 5 – 5 – 4.5)

Colleen Conger

Colleen Conger

The Winning Project:

Notes from Tea: Excellent work, Colleen. You really shine telling the emotional story behind this client project. Suggestions to consider: You can pick up the pacing just a skooch in the beginning. Right now it feels like you were reading it and came across a teensy bit forced. And I’ve seen you in action — relax. :-) Also, I know Lee has passed on, but what would’ve made this even better for me would’ve been a note from her or even you conveying what she’d said to you in thanks when the project was over. I’m sure she appreciated your work, but you didn’t fill us in on how she felt about it.

Winning Score – Team Play-at-Home Project: 16/20 (4-4-4-4)

Team C3: Jessica, Megan and Stacey

Team C3: Jessica, Megan and Stacey

The Winning Project:

Notes from Tea: You’re a natural on camera, Stacey — your personality and enthusiasm really shine through. With a little polishing, you could make this video topic into something really substantial. Right now, it’s a bit disjointed in terms of flow and doesn’t really ever answer the question you pose in the opening slide. Remember your starter recipe and don’t forget each element. Suggestions to consider: when recording your own video using your phone, be sure to turn the phone horizontally so that you don’t get the black bars on either side of you. Also, position yourself higher up in the frame — you’re wasting half the screen when you should be front and center.

Winning Score Play-at-Home Solo Project: 16.5/20 (3.5 – 4 – 5 – 4)

Birdy Diamond

The Winning Project:

Notes from Tea: Great job, Birdy. Your pacing is good, your voice modulation good — your enthusiasm really shines through. (Also noticed you’ve pared down the number of fonts – thanks!) Suggestions to consider: length — this one went over the 6 min limit and probably could be cut even more. Try to remember to focus on ONE idea per video and you’ll have a much easier time with editing. Your opening slide says We are not alone. I’m pretty sure that your target audience already believes that. I think I saw somewhere recently that more people believe in ETs than evolution. Hmm. Which means you’re preaching to the choir on that point. Perhaps a more appropriate focus is “You’re not crazy if you believe in ETs” — then you could spend less time on the point that we’re not alone and more on what to do if you feel like you’re the only one who believes in ETs. This is a hard topic to address creatively because you’re competing with the History channel (e.g. Ancient Aliens etc.) and the rest of the interwebz. So you’ve got to find a really new/fresh angle from which to approach this topic or you’re going to lose people. I don’t envy you on that one. But good job on the execution of the video itself!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ankypants Ang Jandak

    Thanks for the input!

    Funny story, right before I was to share my story, I got into a huge fight with my husband, so I wasn’t really feeling the love at the moment. If it was a video about how spouses can suck, I would’ve been all over that. Plus I had been screaming, hence the low and raspy voice. So yeah, I know my energy wasn’t there and my voice was on the quiet side, but thank you so much for all the suggestions and tips.