Week 11: Create a Video that Supports Your Content Strategy

Video marketing badgeUsing the content strategy you’ve already outlined (week 9), select a topic and create a video (no more than 6 minutes long).

Be sure to:

  • Include the 5 ingredients of your Starter Recipe
  • Include an element of storytelling
  • Add your branding to a title slide and end slide
  • SEO the Title and description (if posting on YouTube)
  • Be on-camera at least one-third of the time

Post the link to your project to this page no later than 9:30 a.m., PST, Monday (April 8, 2013).*

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About Tea Silvestre

Executive Producer of Prosperity's Kitchen, author and marketing coach to solopreneurs.

  • This is an interesting project. I know that I am just an novice at video production, and I do not have a great deal of equipment, but I can help anyone with ideas, please let me know.

  • I don’t know if I’ll get this done – haven’t had a second to look at it. I have, however, updated my weekly stats document.

  • Michael Provitera, Play-at-Home contestant – Week 11: Video to Support Content Strategy. I am going to post my video now early because once it is done, it is done. I hope you-all like it. If I had a camera-man or woman, I know it would have been better. However, I am really happy with it the way it is. Have a great weekend everybody. Turn up the volume – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YCdR46vOww

    • First of all, I like the fact that you did a Pinterest presentation. Secondly, is there someone on the camera moving along with you? It’s like they know when you’re going to move one way or another and can keep exact pace. Spill your secret.

    • Score: 14.5/20 (3.5 – 4 – 4 – 3) Love that you focus on the story of “Chris” here, Mike. Would like to see you create a new version of this where you use Camtasia or another program to show us the Pinterest board live — right now it’s impossible to see what you’re pointing at and the video camera you used (phone?) needs to be turned sideways so you don’t have the black bars on either side of you. YOU are also missing from the frame most of the time and the lighting is barely there. You’re a great storyteller – now you need to make your visuals match that greatness.

    • Way to hit it out of the park Michelle! I love the setting, I love your music and I love your enthusiasm. I see a great little iPhone app in your future where you give pep talks to your clients when they’re down and out and bumming about their weight. You’re so positive and uplifting. Great job!

    • Shaun Roney

      Yeah, totally what Colleen said! Your passion for what you do and believe shines through. Chief Motivator is definitely a huge part of your calling. Also loved the music, it provided an energetic vibe without being annoying. Really professionally done!

    • Score: 17.67/20 (3.83 – 4.5 – 5 – 4.33) From Tea:You’re a natural for video, Michelle! Great work. Your energy and personality shine through loud and clear. Your pacing is perfect. Suggestions to consider: The title you’ve chosen doesn’t completely speak to the content (it’s a little vague) and with the topic of weight loss, I think you’ve got to dig a little deeper if you want to capture eyeballs. Also – embedding the video on your site is wonderful, but never embed it there on it’s own without some explanatory text. Give folks a summary description and a call to action. (That’s at least what folks do on YouTube.) Otherwise (and especially with the title you’ve got) people might not take the time to click and watch.

      From Steve: “This one relied on the personality and passion of the presenter Michelle Hastie. This was a good choice. She has great energy and passion and speaking style. Faster rate, good volume and contrast, and very unaffected. She was fun to watch and her message was intriguing. The video itself was kind of rough, almost unfinished. There were several transitions, but no standard was ever set, so the branding suffered a bit. Choose one or two and stay with them all the way. The call to action was clear and clean, if perfunctory. These should always stay up longer than they do…”

      From Nick: “Michelle – this was a great video. I felt like two things were missing: 1) A complete plan of action. OK, I get it: I need to surrender to weight loss… so, uh… what does that look like? 2) The whole video (and #1) would have been helped with some visualizations of your points. Whether that’s bullet points or a pause to recap or… you know, because you’re asking people for five minutes of their lives. You need to give them a feeling they’ve accomplished something afterward. Hell, even if you’d ripped your case studies and just flashed photos on the screen of “folks like John and Ashley”, that would have put this video over the top. All in all, a very strong video with ONE point taken off in total for lack of visualizations. A side note – and not one I took points off for – your audio got a little loud, that’s OK because you were excited. But when it came time for your call to action, it was much quieter than the rest of your video.”

  • Here’s the link to the solo project for ‘Paranormal Avians’:

    Eventually this will be going on YouTube, sans comments, but for now, we’re self-hosting it. :>

    • Okay, I have to admit that I just felt like I got a science lesson with all of the wonderful imagery in your video. You’re fantabulous on camera too! Just as natural as you come across in your writing. Kudos!

    • Congrats Birdy – you’ve won the solo project this week for our play-at-home group. Go see the Winners Showcase post for your feedback.

  • My solo project for Digital Photo and Design – a testimonial with a heart wrenching ending – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ygNkjiZZJg

    • Oh Colleen this is beautiful. I’ve got tears in my eyes as I write this. You touched on the work you do, but wrapped it in such an emotional and engaging story. Great work!

      • I wish I would have made more time to spend with Lee. She was an incredible lady and we had so much in common – it was kind of uncanny. I got super emotional at the end too – so much I couldn’t record anymore (cry-y tear face does not make for good video.)

    • Great job Colleen. You look both professional and convincing!

      • Even though I’m still not super comfortable on camera, I just keep thinking about how you do it with such ease and professionalism. Heck, I’m just in front of webcam – you’re speaking in front of people, running a slideshow all while delivering an encouraging presentation. Woah!

    • Stacey

      So lovely and well put, Colleen!

      • Thanks so much Stacey. There’s so much more to this story, I just regret not being able to share it all. I’m thinking about writing a “case study” type of post and including both the video and the page flip book from my portfolio.

        • Stacey

          That sounds like an awesome plan, @colleen_conger:disqus . Would love to see that sometime, for sure!

    • jayneubl


    • Beautiful, Colleen. Even more reasons to work with you. 🙂 :>

    • Congrats again, Colleen! You took the solo win this week. Go see the Winners’ Showcase post for your feedback.

      • Thanks for the feedback Tea. I plan on going back and sprucing up and adding all of your thoughts into an even better video to honor Lee. The part about including a note from her is perfect. I’m pretty sure I kept an e-mail or two. Thank again. I truly appreciate your words and thoughts.

    • This is just perfect Ang. I loved all of the stories and the fact that even one of them included a woman asking a man to marry her. Ha! Great job. Gooooooo Team 2!

    • Stacey

      I loved the stories, @facebook-581632518:disqus! It was really fun to watch!

    • jayneubl@msn.com

      Well done! The pacing of the stories and cutting from one to another was great. Enjoyed it very much!

    • Shaun Roney

      What a great video Ang! I loved the subtleness of the background music, the variety of stories, the way that it made me reflect on my own engagement.

    • Love this! 🙂 :>

      And yes, a blog-post about ethically-sourced diamonds is a MUST, if you haven’t already done so.

      And if you have, please tuck in a link. My ring is a small three-stone silver because Mike & I both thought that a blood-diamond was just too tainted to be able to be appreciated. :>

    • Congratulations! Your team took the win this week. Go see the feedback on the Winners Showcase post.

  • My solo project for the week: http://sweetphenomena.com/lets-shoot/

    • You did great Tiffany! You were relaxed and relational. I’m seriously liking the idea of having an area of your website where you talk to the moms and another one where you talk to the girls. Maybe even at some point, you could get your own daughter involved in the videos and present as a team?

    • This was awesome! 🙂 Solid advice that I wish MY mom had had back in the day. You perservered and made something very good +useful to your site and your Message – yay, you!!! :>

    • Score: 16/20 (3.5 – 4.5 – 4 – 4) Great job, Tiffany. Your energy level is up and you come across as someone who is passionate about what she’s doing. That’s the most important thing here. Suggestions to consider: Talking head videos are hard to pull off at the length you’ve created — you’ve got to create more visual interest by using different camera angles, distances or more slides/images inserted in between. You’ve got the lighting and the sound down pretty well (except for when the wind kicks up a bit and at the end where you sound like you’re in a tunnel) now it’s time to work on your editing skills (the jumps between phrases are a little choppy) and your creativity around the visuals. But otherwise, a solid start!

  • Here is our entry for PK3 (now 2). We didn’t have time to actually film the video, but attached is a graphic storyboard with specific dialog that shows the flow and structure of the video Bara will film specifically for her MCAT verbal reasoning class. It’s available on Dropbox at https://www.dropbox.com/s/rszvhv29ki7aon8/TestPrepVideoStoryboard.pptx.


    • A solid storyboard ladies! Smartly thought out and thorough in identify each element of the starter recipe. I can’t wait for the video! Please come back and post the link when you get it done.

      • bara sapir

        Thanks, Colleen. We shall 🙂

    • Score: 12.5/20 (3.5 – 2 – 5 -2) Couldn’t judge this project properly as it wasn’t finished, but your sample video does show that you have a good presence on screen and can create something that looks professional. The slides in the dropbox were a bit jumbled (the font didn’t display correctly on my computer and so a lot of the text wasn’t readable) but what I gather is that you’ll have a mix of slides with talking head. The last slide mentions a 30-second screen shot of your manifesto. 30 seconds is a LONG time on screen. I’d recommend that you break that manifesto up into 5 second chunks instead of just one screen at 30 seconds. It’s a lot of text and you never want people to have to read more than one line on any one screen – at least if you want to hold people’s attention. Less text, more pictures.

  • Colleen, see I said you looked like a natural on camera, and your voice is so warm and engaging. What a beautiful project to share with potential clients! I think about where you started back in January and where you are now. You are a poster child for PK and the work that Tea (and Nick) have done to help solopreneurs take their businesses to new heights. Bravo!

    • On the occasions where I’ve brought the scrapbook to show how beautiful and easy it is to convert traditional scrapbooks into slimmer and lighter books, I’ve always received the sweetest and kindness remarks about the story behind the book. I just hope I honor both Lee & Roger’s memory with the video.

      And in regards to coming so far since January, I wish I would have recorded more of my journey to show to other entrepreneurs AND to reflect on to truly see how far I, and all of the other contestants, have come since January.

      • Jayne Ubl

        Colleen, That was fantastic. So heartfelt, visual, compelling and showcased your work so well….

  • Stacey

    Here is our group Play-at-home group project: The Conscious Entrepreneurs


    Google Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/174DFST8_lmVJmFhO8VosXGrciw4taaLZG_9yxFtSo5w/edit?usp=sharing

    • You’re so wonderful on camera Stacey. I liked how you changed locations and talked to “us” like we were just sitting down having coffee. Wonderful work, again, from The Conscious Entrepreneurs.

      • Stacey

        @colleen_conger:disqus ~ Oh thank you so much! I wanted it to be like we were having coffee! That has been the biggest transition for me blogging, writing newsletters and really anything where I speak to my ideal client. I am so glad it feels that way. Glad it is noticeable.

    • Yes, the connection is definitely noticeable. Love the placing us in space and time that you did – very helpful! 🙂 :>

      • Stacey

        thank you, Birdy!

    • Congrats! Your team won the play-at-home win team project this week. Go see the Winners Showcase post for your feedback.

      • Stacey

        Yeah!! Thank you!!

      • Stacey

        Thank you, Tea ! Love the feedback and will re-work this vid.

  • Shaun Roney
    • Super fun Shaun. My 5 year old son Toby sat here next to me while watching your video and was completely mesmerized. He kept asking, “Where did number 9 go?” LOL! Please make more of these videos – they’re great!

    • very kyool!!! I can see this being a real asset for parents of young kids!

    • Score: 15.67/20 (4.67 – 3.67 – 4.67 – 2.67) From Tea: Your concept here is great — love the idea for video series of movement tips. I know you had some technical issues getting this video uploaded to the web, so hopefully future videos won’t have the same issues that we see here. The tool you used to convert your slides/video to YouTube detracted from the overall polish — the size of the window and the watermark on top of your screen, for example need to be fixed. Also – the opening 15 seconds weren’t relevant to the point of your video. The question: What’s the best way to keep tap shoes tied? Doesn’t get answered in this video and isn’t in the title — so people watching it might click away thinking the material isn’t what they were looking for. Suggestions for improvement: Remember to keep your energy up and voice modulated. You did a pretty good job for most of it, but it started to drop at the end of your video. Also, consider having a child in the video with you to change things up and provide extra interest. You could also move the camera around and shoot from different angles rather than just shooting straight ahead the whole time.

      From Steve: “The video had an intriguing idea: teaching children through an innovative use of play. The presenter was quite personable and this became the reason I would watch it all the way through. However, it had some challenges that prevented it from reaching its goals. The video was very rough. The logos of try-out versions of software was a turn-off to me personally. I didn’t like seeing the video embedded inside another video at a time when it could least afford to be done that way (the teacher being seen full-body). The audio was also quite rough, especially in the V.O. portions. A pass through the free Audacity sound filter program would probably have taken care of it. Spending a little more time in the editing program could have presented the end from being cut off the way it was. Even YouTube has an editor that could have fixed this after uploading.”

      From Nick: “This video was really good; I’m wicked ADD though and I lost the purpose of what we were doing about 2 minutes in. I know if I’m distracted, a parent would be distracted, too. The *content* of this video was so strong that I really want to give it a higher score. I want the bullet points to be integrated into the video as you jump from segment to segment; if you have a friend who has a Mac, let them help you do this video. YouTube also has a way to record directly into it. Or if you have an iPad with a camera, or an iPhone or even a PC with Windows Movie Maker, you have access to iMovie ($5) or a free program that will help you build these videos out. Your filmed portion was wonderful. Your sound was great. I just was distracted by how the pieces fit together, I think. -2 to presentation. Overall, though – strong work!”

  • Shaun Roney

    I embedded the video on my blog page, but here’s the Youtube only link if that’s preferred. http://youtu.be/7mT6VPMedlM

  • I am sorely disappointed with the outcome of my solo project this week. I was able to upload the powerpoint with my narration, but never could get the video portion of me to work or the background music to come through on YouTube. I am submitting it using my pass now because I won’t be around to work on it more in the a.m. I know I’ll get dinged, but wanted to at least get the assignment in and will figure it all out later so I can actually use it. Thanks.


    • What system are you using?

      Would also recommend the ‘pop-shield’ (which we are also getting pronto!!!), to help cut down the ‘popping-p’s and ‘sibilant-s’s.

      Here’s the link on Amazon to the filter/shields:

      Re: the content. OMG, YES!!!!

      THANK YOU for going ahead and posting this anyway. I SOOOOO needed to hear that I am not alone in my need to listen to my own work cycles and not be shamed into being a daylark instead of the night-owl that I naturally am.

      (And just had an extremely important revelation about my workflow – again, thank you! 😉 :> )

      Back to finish up the video now – again, thank you!!! That list needs to be a Pinterest list too: I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees herself in it. 🙂 :>

      • Thanks so much BirdyD! I didn’t really have a “system” which is part of the problem. Had just gotten a brand new desktop and I had PPT 2007 and Camtasia on it so upgraded to PPT 2010 to let me save it as a video file, and I discovered AFTER I’d created all the PPT slides that I could do everything in MS Movie Maker, but it means re-creating all 25+ slides and redoing everything, which I am for my website – just didn’t get ‘er done for the assignment. I will definitely post the list on Pinterest – thanks for the great idea!

    • Score: 14.5/20 (3 – 3 – 5 – 3.5) LOVE the idea of you sharing your story, Evelyn. You know this video is missing YOU, so when you re-do it, here are some suggestions to focus on: the sound (your mic is picking up too much of the p’s and sp’s); timing (this one is longer than 6 min and for most videos that you want people to watch all the way through, 3 minutes is a better length); if you use slides, eliminate the text (or at least most of it). The pictures by themselves are sufficient and if you really want to keep some text, limit that to one line only (aim for a TED talk format) Otherwise you’re just reading the slides and the redundancy will lose people.

      • Great suggestions Tea – thanks so much. I definitely plan to redo this and make it into a real live video with me on it. I’ve had such wonderful feedback from the 12 (Plus 1) list that I know I’ve hit an area that needs further exploration and resources for women.