Week 10: Create a Social Media Calendar and Sample Post(s)

badge-social-mediaUsing at least one of the social media channels you identified as important to your ideal client in week 1, create a 3-month social media calendar that supports your content strategy outlined last week. Be sure to include:

  • Scheduling and Timing
  • Descriptions of what you’ll post and/or theme(s)
  • Sample Engaging Post for each channel

Post the link to your project in the comments of this page no later than 9:30 a.m., PST, Monday (April 1, 2013).*

NOTE: Your missions will be judged 50% on your calendar and how well it supports your content strategy; and 50% on the sample post(s).

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About Tea Silvestre

Executive Producer of Prosperity's Kitchen, author and marketing coach to solopreneurs.

  • Tea, the “Ffmuch” link isn’t working.

  • OK, after going round in circles on this one, here’s my effort (not happy, but I have no time to do more). https://dl.dropbox.com/u/34622108/PK10-SMCal-SHH.pdf

    • Score: 18.5/20 (4-5-5-4.5) Great job, Sharon. You’ve clearly got a handle on how to do social media. Would love to see images for your sample posts, tho. Otherwise, smashing.

  • Jayne Ubl-DriveSafeRideSafe

    This is a test to see if I can link my project tomorrow without help:

  • The link to my page, so my project gets turned in when it’s even more wierd o’clock when I finish. 😀 :> (not live yet, but will be before the deadline)


    • Congrats! You won the solo project for the play-at-home crowd this week. Go see the feedback posted on the Winners’ Showcase page.

      • Sounds like a Cunning Plan! 🙂 :> Already written two of my April blog posts for my ‘Birds on the Blog’ column – it’s nice to have the prompts already done again! 🙂 :>

        Thnx for the polite punt in the tailfeathers to ‘git ‘er done’! 🙂 :>

  • Here’s my solo project for Digital Photo and Design – http://bit.ly/178so6D

  • Here is mine for team Joseph, Janet and Shaun! http://byjanet.net/purple/prosperitys-kitchen-week-10/

    • Score: 17/20 (4.33-4.33-4.33-4) From Lori – “I think you have a good start, but would love to see you be more YOU focused (as in audience you) and WHY focused with your content. I can see you are creative and multi-talented but who is your audience? If I went to your feed or page and saw just the content you suggest I’d be confused. I think your stuff has potential to be amazing – but they need to get there to know it. That’s the hard part. If you are trying to get more work for your biz then I’d focus on what niche you are good at. Is it writers, other business owners, brands, photographers, musicians, spa owners? That’s not coming across.
      How can you help ME and who is ME? For example – at my blog my tips are for people who are DIY on social media. Entrepreneurs who want to spread word, build loyalty and act like a big brand with a much smaller budget. Now you may have this positioning already -but it’s not reflected in your content that I can see or if it is, it’s not clear to me. (Again, this is one person’s opinion and I just want to tell you what I’d tell a client.) For example from week 3 and 4: 1. “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein // Holla to the creatives! There is no call to action – nothing to do much of anything but a quote. And this is fine, but I think you can ask a question or demonstrate your brilliance – so instead of holla to the creatives – perhaps you’d say, Look where mine took me – am I lost or found? Then link to a project you did – have fun and reveal something about you – with a short video of how you created it from blank piece of paper to idea to what they are looking at – reveal your creative process. (this is just an example)
      2. Power Tip: Create your own attractive infographic! Check out http://infogr.am it’s not compelling enough to get all you can out of it; Power Tip: Show off what you can do by what you’ve done! Show off your bio info graphic-syle like this [link] 3. “NEW BLOG: Effective Branding for Creatives {short link}” I’d never use New Blog – uses characters that have no emotional connection at all. And I’d stay away from words like effective. Add sizzle to your steak girl – i KNOW you can! Attention Creatives: Does your branding blow? or blow them away? Start practicing what you preach with this ultimate manifesto for creatives [link]
      4. It’s my birthday posts/tweets – good idea but you can expand more – again no new blog – reel them in on the content alone – new blog not as sexy as perhaps saying “30 Things I Learned About Life at Age 30 {short link}” Who else cried when they turned 30? Well dry your tears and check out 30 ways you can make it the best thing that ever happened to you.
      In general I think your excel chart could be improved to help you map out your plan better. It’s a bit vague and if you got more specific with your why and what you wanted from it, you’d get clarity for each activity. I’m fine with quotes I do that too – but creating your own image from stock photo with words on it that is at your blog or at pinterest might get them to engage even further than they can. Having a cool downloadable free book with images and quotes on them you’ve created they can use and share might go over well. Give more than you get in a way that shows off your creative talent. I think you’re going in the right direction but really as a graphics person you have an awesome way to create something and use it with everything you do so people start saying – man I love her infographics wonder if she’d create one for me.

      From Nick: “The thing I like best about how you’ve organized this content calendar is that it can easily be expanded to include future platforms (I definitely think you should connect with Tiffany and collaborate on a “graphic designer series for girls”). Great ideas, full examples – this is better than MY content calendar. Well done!”

      From Tea: Very thorough job on your calendar – like the effort on a daily basis, but not sure your time is spent efficiently without more focus and automation. Really like that you’re attempting to build engagement via your open office hours (although, I’d ask more people how they feel about a “side of panda” — it could be taken out of context and offend some people). Also like the scavenger hunt idea. Suggestions to consider: as a graphic designer, why wouldn’t you include Pinterest in your mix? It could be a great way to show off your work, gather ideas for projects, etc. Also – your sample tweets and posts could be a tad more zeroed in on your ideal clients (conscious entrepreneurs, right?) I didn’t see a lot of social media posts that would speak to them specifically.

  • Bara Sapir

    Here is Team PK3’s: An Automated Twitter Campaign for TPNY/TPSF

  • Salary Negotiators’ Social Media Calendar http://db.tt/lBHJGMcB

    • Nice work as usual Joseph!

    • Score: 18.5/20 (3.5-5-5-5) Nicely done, Joseph. Creativity (that right-brain stuff) is really where you want to focus your energies a bit more. You’ve got all the details and logical stuff down pat. Tips and facts are awesome. Especially if they are bizarre — that might be what you try to find? Or, consider doing something a bit more interactive (like a contest, etc.). Regardless of all that, I’m sure that if you follow the strategy you’ve outlined, you’ll see results.

  • Here is my project for Colleen, Michelle, and I: http://sweetphenomena.com/lets-get-social/

  • Here is my Week 10 solo project for Inner Affluence:

    IA Social Media Content Strategy April – June 2013: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-rAP4jSeWt5QzBleDRiRERGSkE/edit?usp=sharing

    IA Social Media Calendar April – June 2013: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-rAP4jSeWt5Qy00SWtHTWlvR0U/edit?usp=sharing

    • Score: 19/20 (4-5-5-5) Great job, Evelyn. Again – you clearly know what you’re doing here. There’s a lot to keep your arms around but I know you’ve been doing this awhile, so I won’t worry about you. The only thing you could’ve done better is to go beyond your comfort zone and look at creating a longer campaign that would require your audience to get more involved — some kind of contest where they share their stories, etc.

      • Great idea Tea and I’ll see how I can implement that into my strategy.

  • The team project for Group 2(ish), we did Jayne’s Drive Safe Ride Safe

    Calendar – https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6ofV1q-BaghX1VBdE0wOHd5aHM/edit?usp=sharing

    Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/jayneubl

    Youtube -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwTszQQgpks

    • Here are the links to Jayne’s Facebook Business page – they do have one for DriveSafeRide Safe and her blog. She asked that I post them here for the judges:



    • Score: 17.67/20 (4.17 – 4.17 – 5 – 4.33) From Lori: “Very well thought out plan – congrats.
      I took a few notes – hope they help. Overall I felt that your hooks for subject lines and titles of videos could be MUCH stronger – they are mission critical as are the images you use to support them. This is an emotional fear based topic for ALL parents. So while you should use SOME fear induced do it right now subject lines like I’ve suggested below – you can offset them with a warmer photo of a parent hugging a child as if they are glad to be home safely. Also be VERY clear on your call to actions from FB or anywhere – read more is a yawner – you could say things like – i think #4 is the best advice you could ever get, do you agree? [link] Here are some notes i took from your calendar…Prom Positioning – Relevance for prom idea – good; 1. Hooks for subject line and video titles can be much stronger;
      subject line – the prom date no one talks about until it’s too late; subject line: Attention Prom Parents: Two life saving tips to keep your teen’s dream date from being your biggest nightmare; 2. video title – if your teen is going to prom this will be the most important video you ever watch. or Attention Prom Parents: This [90 second video] could save your teen’s life; Global youth traffic safety month – good – relevant; BUT get more specific in your titles – “teens around the world” not nearly as powerful as the following for a facebook post.
      1. Have you seen what these 4 kids are doing to save lives? Make sure your teen knows the facts – and if you’re a parents who would love to live in a crash free world please spread the world. 2. Who else wants to live in a crash free world like [teen name] {age} from {city}? What an inspiration to us all – watch this video – it could save your kids life. Please like if you agree…3. Do you feel helpless with your knees knocking every time your teen turns on the engine? Me too! Until I watched this video [link] – can you believe just doing that can reduce the crash rates among teens- and please like this post in support of May’s Global Youth Traffic Safety Month – join us in keeping teens alive! Putting down the phone – i do like your title- but Now you see now you don’t – but i think you could really power it up – a bit too generic – remember ALWAYS test your subject lines PLEASE. 1. Subject – What fits in the palm of your hand, has the power to kill 20 people in less than 2 seconds? Lead in for email of blog post: You guessed it – your phone. Your husband’s phone. Your son or daughter’s phone. Your mom’s phone who can’t read a menu without her classes and 4 lamps. But did you know that x people died alone just last month blah blah. Give them scary stats here. Or…2. Subject line – If you need glasses to read the menu this could save your life. look, if you can’t see what pasta dish you want without your reading glasses, how can you possibly drive and read texts at the same time? You can’t. And neither could [name of guy who died] tell his story. Put numbers in your headlines 5/29/2013 – The 10 most important driving tips for your new college student. 10 driving tips every parent MUST know. Rules of the road: why you must teach your kids these 5 must do’s! 6-9/2013 – Attention Parents: The 5 safest and most affordable cars for teens. i don’t think the video is relevant to the topic of the car – i like the idea of the defensive driving tips ideas – but doesn’t go with this. However, make your titles much more interesting – like: The best 4 defensive moves you can teach your teen that might save their lives one day. Calls to action – focusing on 5/29 and 6/2 For example – if you put a link on facebook you must have a call to action to go to our website needs to be more specific. Call to action to do what? Please click here to get a template you can use to create the best driving plan you both can agree on. No one wants to “read more” they want to get – so always say – to get my simple list of 10 ways you can keep your teen safe go here [link] Overall – by FAR the best laid out, most thought out and easy to understand. I’d get much more specific on call to actions as i noted above. I’d include free reports for as many as possible. Your goal from FB is to not get sales but to build loyalty. Other things that I think you could be adding to this is to give a road map to parents that is EASY to understand of what they have to do so their child can drive at 16. For example in Ohio you have to have temps for 6 months prior, complete 20 + hours of education before taking the test to get temps. Then you have to have 20+ more hours of driving experience WITH a formal instructor. Many kids in Ohio don’t end up driving until they are closer to 17 as this can be cumbersome if you don’t plan ahead. Great job – impressive!

      From Nick: “I liked everything about this. The detail inherent in your publishing schedule is amazing you – know what you’re doing, where you’re getting it from, what it’s going to be… my only suggestion (and something I did not take off points for): grammar check 🙂 So detailed, holy cow. Well done!”

      From Tea: You’ve got a solid start here and for the most part, your FB post ideas are really good. It looks like you’re sharing 3 of your own content items for every 1 of someone else’s tho, which is a bit low. (Try to aim for double or triple that many.) Suggestions to consider: focus more on audience engagement vs just sharing your (very good) content. For social media to be social, you’ve got to ask your fans to participate more. Rather than just sharing content, you’ll want to ask them questions, ask them to share their photos, etc. Your 100 Deadliest Days of Summer campaign (which you’ve only got one post for?) is an idea you could really run with — besides the badge, could you have contest? Ask your fans to submit ideas? Photos? Testimonials? Also, how did you choose the dates for sharing? Look at filling in your calendar so that you’ve got one share per day on FB and try different times of day until you find the most advantageous timing for your audience. (You’ll see greater engagement and sharing.) Also – are there any groups on FB that you’ll participate in? You may see greater bang for your buck with the right group.

      • Jayne Ubl

        Wow- thank you all for your feedback and suggestions on how to do it better. As a relative newbie to the social media world it’s good to get ideas in regards to the cadence and delivery of messages and adding more images etc….much appreciated! Like for instance this is the first time I’ve realized I can actually comment on your comments….”forward progress???”

  • Tea I posted mine from the airport yesterday and now it’s not showing up?

    • Score: 17/20 (4-4-5-4) Great focus and nice scheduling. What I see missing is the sharing of other people’s information and/or the purposeful engagement of your audience. Beyond sharing inspirational quotes and tips, what questions can you ask them to engage them in a conversation? The Q&A calls are great, but technically not part of the social media mix (just promoted there). If you can give folks other ways to interact with you first, that might help bring them to your Q&A calls.

  • Megan Everett

    For Conscious Entrepreneurs team: Content strategy: http://bit.ly/14AbAWj Social media calendar: http://bit.ly/10pe4BS

    • Score: 17/20 (4-4-5-4) You’ve got a solid foundation here, good job. The only thing missing was the sample post(s).

  • Michael Provitera’s Play-At-Home individual week 10 project. I included a word document for this week’s project: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kapdiojbg4hhpfe/Week%2010%20Social%20Media%20Individual%20Project.docx

    • Score: 15/20 (3-4-5-3) – Love LOVE your goal to be helpful everyday. And YouTube and Facebook are probably your best bets to reach your target audience, yes. I would’ve liked to see more sharing of your own content, but since you didn’t create a content strategy from prior week’s mission, that will naturally leave some holes.