Week 1 Completed Missions: The Ideal Client Profile (on a Pinterest Board)

Score: 19/20 | Winning Team

Team 5: Joseph, Jayne, Evelyn

Team 5: Joseph, Jayne, Evelyn

[Click the image below to visit the live Pinterest Board for Joseph’s Salary Negotiators]


Notes from the Judges on this Project:

Natalie Sisson: An excellent and extremely clear and complete example of your ideal client. The needs and frustrations were very obvious and well laid out. This then progressed perfectly into who Jennifer actually is, what her life looks like in real detail, through to her desires and wants of her future. I think this is an excellent example of really knowing your ideal audience. I’d like to see more focus on why more money gives them more of what they want in life, although I think the examples given about integrity and holding true to her values, plus the article on negotiations by women gave me a much better understanding of what’s really driving your ideal client.

Tea: Really good job on this one. It feels very complete to me and I love that you have actual data to share as well. If you wanted to add multi-media pins, that might make it even better.

Note: Nick wasn’t able to provide feedback as of time of publication.

Score: 16/20 | Winning Solo Project:


Tiffany Manley, Sweet Phenomena

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Note: all solo projects and Play-at-Home projects were scored solely by Tea.

Feedback from Tea: Tiffany did an outstanding job of capturing her ideal client in a 3-dimensional way. What pushed her board over the top was the incorporation of branded elements specific to her business.

Score: 16/20 | Winning Play-at-Home Team Project:

The W3s: Birdy, Kimberly and Deanna

The W3s: Birdy, Kimberly and Deanna

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Score: 17/20 | Winning Play-at-Home Solo Project:

Lisa Robbin Young, Noble Empire

Lisa Robbin Young, Noble Empire

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Remaining Public Team Projects

Team 1: Ang, Peter, Mike

Team 1: Ang, Peter, Mike

Team 1 Project: Ideal Client Profile for Mike “Doc” Provitera (Score = 16/20)


Natalie Sisson: I really liked the way the story of this ideal client was told, from childhood through to the success they’d seen in life and living their dream. It was clear and easy to understand and painted an identifiable picture. I’m not sure the pain point was really painful so to speak, it’s very much a positive journey of figuring out your why in life and then working towards that. I don’t feel this ideal client had a lot of challenges (which may not be necessary), but I wanted to know more about their needs and desires now, this client feels like they have it all figured out, so where’s the room to help them? I felt the avatar could have been fleshed out a little more to better understand them. Aside from excellent references to great books he’d read, where does this person gets their information sources online – according to the criteria we’re judging on, this would be good to see as it wasn’t mentioned.

Tea Silvestre: Love the use of story arc here. The profile is definitely 3-dimensional. What’s unclear to me is the where Chris needs (and gets) help from you beyond reading your book.

Team 2:Linda, Janet, Michelle

Team 2:Linda, Janet, Michelle

Team 2 Project: Ideal Client Profile for Java Raiz (Linda Griego) (Score = 13/20)

Natalie Sisson: This was a really well put together board with a lot of work that had gone into it. From the start though I was a little confused as the avatar covers so many topics. Initially I thought their key need was to get their energy levels back, to eat more healthily and regain balance in their life. By doing this they could devote more time to themselves, their family, work, and bettering the future of this world for their children. Helping the environment and the future of the world are all by products of the actions this client will take to better their life. This is a BIG area to cover and I’d suggest getting even more focused in on this client’s why, so as not to try and cover all the areas or get distracted about their real needs. I did really get a clear sense of their pain points and desires and think this was well fleshed out across the images used.

Tea: The presentation started off like a story, but then zig zagged into other characters. That felt a little confusing. Was also looking to understand more of this person’s life outside of health/planet.

Team 3: Shaun, Tiffany, Rachel

Team 3: Shaun, Tiffany, Rachel

Team 3 Project: Ideal Client Profile for Dream. Discover. Share. (Rachel Denning) (Score = 15/20)

Natalie Sisson: There was a lot of work that went into this avatar profile. I would have liked to have seen a name given to this avatar and that this stayed consistent through out. Naming the ideal client gives you a sense of a real person. As a result this person changed several times during the pPinterest board to being in third person, to first person, to who you’ve worked with, to men, and then back to this woman. I also found the person was very well described in what their dreams and desires were, but not so much their pain point of what they really want out of life. In essence this is the target market I speak to every day. They dream of more freedom, of a flexible lifestyle, of being able to work from anywhere. They’re into yoga, healthy living and travel. This is great information to know, but you need to focus on their struggles too. And a missing piece were more information sources of what and where they go online to learn more, identify and be part of a community. PS some of the images weren’t loaded properly so unviewable, including the 100 adjectives one you’d spent so much time on.

Tea: What’s missing for me is your vision for your ideal client/reader once they attain their goal. It felt like your reader would only ever dream of traveling, not get there. I’m intrigued by the cross over over traditional values and progressive thinking about energy, nutrition, economics, too. Would love to have seen some data on how many conservatives fall into that category.

Team 4: Kristin, Colleen, Tammy

Team 4: Kristin, Colleen, Tammy

*Team 4 Project: Ideal Client Profile for Digital Photo & Design (Colleen Conger) (Score = 18/20)

Feedback from the Judges

Natalie Sisson: An excellent example of a well thought out ideal client avatar. I knew exactly who Delilah was and what she wanted out of life, what her desires were and her struggles and frustrations. This Pinterest visual board really focused on her day to day frustrations and how she could solve them through your business. I also liked that you introduced yourself at the beginning and put your photo up. And how you detailed out how you meet your ideal clients — through referrals and how you intrinsically know what they need and their pain points.

Tea: Fabulous work! I really understood Delilah’s place in the world, her needs around hiring a graphic designer, and her everyday challenges. I’d still like to see more around potential JV partners, tho.

Remaining Public Solo Projects:

Doodie Pack (Kristin Elliott) (Score = 14/20)

Twinkle Ties (Shaun Roney) (Score = 12/20)

Lowbrow Events (Ang Jandak) (Score = 13/20)

Tammy Vitale* (Score = 15/20)

Peter Sterlacci* (Score = 15/20)

Purple Panda (Janet Brent) (Score = 14/20

Drive Safe, Ride Safe (Jayne Ubl Johnson) (Score = 13/20)

*Runners up!

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  • This is great, and really helpful to our team. Question, is there any feedback on the individual projects?

    • Alas, no. Originally, I thought I would do this, but much of the feedback was the same for the Play-at-Home folks and the public contestants. It was just going to be too much. I am glad to answer questions tho. I know that you resisted being specific (which we addressed during today’s episode), but beyond that the feedback would be very similar to what’s already been said for the others (where applicable).

      • Understandable, is there any way we’ll see our scores?

        • Kristin (Doodie Pack)

          I agree, I’d love to see our “score”…maybe our score on the rubric for each of the 4 categories…It would help us focus on areas of weakness. As a teacher, I can completely understand being on the “other side of the desk”…working on a project and excited to see the results.

          • I’ve added your total scores to this page. I do have everything broken down on a spreadsheet, but it’s unwieldy to post here. Will send you each an email…

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