Web Hosting You Can Trust

Whether or not your business is a mix of online and brick and mortar, or you sell strictly online, you’re going to need a great web hosting service to see you through the ups and downs.

Over the years, I’ve hosted various websites at all sorts of places (at least a dozen of them) and can tell you that not all web hosts are appropriate for your needs. This isn’t a decision you should take lightly.

Why We’re Hosted on Bluehost

It’s simple. This site is built with WordPress. And one of the things that’s uber cool about Bluehost is their relationship with the folks at WordPress. They don’t brag about it, but they keep in close contact with the folks at WordPress and their help staff is well-versed in how WordPress works.

They also have the super-easy one-click WordPress installation, and pay close attention to keeping WordPress sites safe and secure.

Here are a few other reasons you should host your site with Bluehost (or move your site to Bluehost if it’s already hosted elsewhere):

1) No down time. We’ve experienced zero down time and zero hosting problems with them.

2) Service. When we have a question or issue, we can pick up the phone and call the number on Bluehost’s homepage. A real human answers the phone every time. And they’re based in the United States (Utah), not overseas!

3) Easy to Use. Bluehost has the simplest and most trouble free interface of any hosting company we’ve used. There are no distracting bells and whistles. It’s one of the easiest hosting service to use, hands down.

4) Unlimited domains, website, and space. Bluehost allows you to add unlimited numbers of new domains. And they offer unlimited storage space. (Did you hear that? Their storage is unlimited!)  This is especially important for folks who have sites that are image-heavy.

5) Popularity. Bluehost hosts over 1,000,000 websites. One reason the company can keep prices low is that it serves so many customers. This also means that have the large-scale personnel and resources to keep things running smoothly.

6) High-Value. Price isn’t the most important thing in choosing a hosting company. Value is! We’re much more concerned about quality, service, and ease of use. That said, Bluehost’s standard $6.95 hosting plan really gives you the most for your money. Anything cheaper is scary.

There’s just no way to make this an easier choice. We’re thrilled to be associated with Bluehost, and feel 100% comfortable standing behind their services. That’s why we’ve partnered with them. They were our first choice for sponsorship and thankfully, they agreed that Prosperity’s Kitchen was a fabulous project to get behind.

Thank you Bluehost for making our site run safely, securely and lightening fast!

Click here to visit Bluehost.