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Tiffany is a solopreneur that thrives on helping others. Whether it’s homeschooling, business consulting, or domestic violence awareness, she works to find creative solutions to problems. Sweet Phenomena was started when Tiffany found herself homeschooling her daughter. Since she wasn’t homeschooling for religious reasons {and she never planned to homeschool}, it was hard for her to find resources. Tiffany decided to create some for homeschoolers just like herself.

Soon after, Tiffany decided that she wanted to help other boutique business owners craft their businesses by helping them with social media, WordPress site maintenance, and time management. She firmly believes in collaboration to bring about the best results. Tiffany is also working to bring awareness to domestic violence. During her childhood, Tiffany saw her mother being abused. Today Tiffany is working to create resources for parents, schools, and shelters to help them educate kids about domestic violence in an age-appropriate manner.

Story of Triumph

Tiffany has always known that she wanted to be an entrepreneur, although she wasn’t quite sure how she’d get there. She grew up in a home where her mother was abused, and they had very little money. If she was going to get there, she’d have to figure out how to get there on her own. Tiffany excelled in high school and was awarded several college scholarships, including a full ride to an out-of-state college. But she decided to stay close to home and attended a community college instead. Ten years, a marriage, and a baby later, Tiffany received her college degree, the first in her family to do so. Since then she has started several successful businesses. With the help and support of her husband and daughter, Tiffany continues to find ways to help others, and to give back to those who are growing up in circumstances similar to hers.

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