The Teams

Here’s a quick snapshot of the remaining teams and the contestants’ current scores.

Team Two

Team Three

Team Five

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Current Scores can be found here.[/texthighlight]

  • Kristin (Doodie Pack)

    Just keep stirring, just keep stirring….

  • i just noticed that this scoreboard lists Joseph with 14 points but the one on the week 4 page lists him as having 13. Can you double-check which one is correct? 🙂 some others are inconsistent too like Shaun with 11 and now 12, etc.

    • That’s because he used one of his Timey-Wimey passes to turn in an assignment from Week 2. I just hadn’t credited him yet.

  • Kristin (Doodie Pack)

    Tea, A few updates may be needed here. Just in case someone looks at this page.