Tammy Vitale, Women Weaving it All Together

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Tammy Vitale is a mentor to women who are ready to claim their Hell YES!! life. Using more than 20 years of identifying and training leaders in communities in Maryland, Mississippi, and Louisiana as well as her experience in creating small for and non-profit ventures, Vitale creates a safe space for women to use the creativity of story, the power of conscious choices and the knowledge that comes from a daily practice to step into the life they want.

An accomplished and recognized artist, Vitale has returned her focus to working as a coach and facilitator. “For me,” says Vitale, “the energy for coaching and art is exactly the same: each takes an idea that is abstract and makes a space for something new to enter the world.”

Story of Triumph

In the early 2000s, she worked with low-low income tenants of a slum. Over two years they stopped the Navy, the slum landlord and the County from throwing these people out of their homes through organizing the Lexington Manor Survival Team, whom she trained in leadership skills so that they could face their oppressors. They succeeded in having the County create the first ever commission containing members of the community, and held the first ever housing forum where they brought government, citizens, the LMST members and the Navy together to talk about possibilities. Eventually she handed all of it off to the County and the Archdiocese of Washington DC. In the end the families got 5 years of housing vouchers and didn’t have to move until they found a comparable place to live. This was was all part of a SMASH (So Md Area Self Help) program, a non-profit Tammy founded.

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