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Michelle Hastie

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As a Mindset Expert and Results Coach, Michelle Hastie has been given many opportunities to align to her spiritual truth and operate her life and body from a place of peace.

As a result, Michelle created a Weight Loss Coaching business helping entrepreneurs heal and transform their relationship with food, exercise and their bodies by connecting to their higher truth and letting go of dieting, force and struggle.

Michelle had a very personal experience with her weight and truly could not be more grateful for her weight gain and weight loss experience which now allows her to help others at an even higher level.

Story of Triumph

Just two weeks after Michelle started her personal training business she was in a tragic car accident taking her out of work for an entire month and making it almost impossible to stand on her feet and operate a physically demanding business.

It was in this recovery period that Michelle finally lost all her weight without diet and exercise and found her real passion as a coach teaching women entrepreneurs how to let go of extreme dieting and exercise in order to truly operate a life of truth and freedom.

Not too long after mastering these principles for her body, Michelle met the same problems in her business. Working hard and struggling for little to no results.

It is now Michelle’s mission to help people understand what it truly means to live a life of peace by following your own intuition and guidance and releasing struggle for good.

She loves to help conscious entrepreneurs connect to their true self, live in a body they love and create the life they desire, ultimately living a life of peace and tranquility.

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