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Dr. Michael Provitera (aka “DocProv”) is a motivational and organizational behavior expert. As president of Motivational Leadership Training, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. he consults with both large and small organizations, individual executives, as well as educational and governmental institutions. With his 15 years of executive experience on Wall Street coupled with his doctorate in management, Michael brings corporate and academic experience together to create an engaging training platform. He has presented and created various professional development workshops for his clients. He is also a certified leadership trainer for Situational Leadership® from the Center for Leadership Studies, Escondido, California. He was trained by Dr. Paul Hersey, a Behavioral Scientist and well-known management trainer. He is the author of two books titled “Mastering Self-Motivation.” One targeted to people aspiring to become more motivated and the other for executives that would like to discover ways to motivate themselves and their followers.

Michael came from a family that taught him how to treat people in a special way and bring out the best in each person. After graduating college, he sought out professors and mentors that could guide him.. After securing his first job at Merrill Lynch on Wall Street, he knew that he needed to advance his education so he started his MBA program and majored in finance. Toward the end of his MBA studies, Michael joined Salomon Brothers. There he realized that he needed to pursue his Doctorate in Management. During his graduate studies, he worked full-time on Wall Street as an executive. After obtaining his doctorate in the year 2000, he began his second career as a professor. He is now an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, a Management Consultant, and an Author. He launched Motivational Leadership Training in 2000.

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    Boy Dr. Provitera, am I looking forward to having you in the kitchen with us! What an incredible background and business track record. Congratulations and welcome.