Lori Taylor

Lori R Taylor listed by Forbes as a top 50 Social Media Power Player is a 20 year marketing veteran, with a special focus in direct response. A national winner of multiple DMA Echo awards for her work with Disabled American Veterans she is considered one of the top copywriters in her field. For Disabled American Veterans alone she has written and created campaigns over the last 17 years that have raised almost 3 billion dollars. She’s also an angel investor with early round investments into platforms like Klout, Live Matrix and Pixsy.

As the marketing partner to the worlds #1 motivational blog Pick The Brain, she is the creator of the wildly popular 90 Day Confidence Boost, Thinking Outrageously In 30 Days and The Ultimate Blueprint For Courageous Self Growth, helping the audience grow from 200,000 unique views to almost 1,000,000. Responsible for online web launches with sales of seven figures and creating videos with well over 500,000 views, Lori really knows how to find the right product or service to engage and excite your audience.

A highly sought after top business and motivational speaker herself, Lori has shared the stage with Les Brown, John Assaraf, Greg Reid, Gary Goldstein, Rhonda Britten, Mari Smith and other world class speakers. With the belief business is personal and you should always show people you care, Lori is famous for her ability to connect with any audience. Moving the audience from laughter to tears to fist pumping cheers she teaches you to Run Your Own Race, to never try to change who you are while inspiring you to dig in with her favorite words of borrowed wisdom, “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to is.”

Known for her conversational writing style she is loved for advice at her blog at Lorirtaylor.com. Focusing not just on the “how” to but the “why you should”, she has built a large loyal following on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn.

Consulting with companies over the last 20 years such as the Anthony Robbins Company, Jane Fonda, Cops the TV Show, Kroger, Juveniles Diabetes Research Foundation, Blockbuster, Procter & Gamble, Tamar Geller, Tom Nunan, and many others, she is highly sought after to optimize sales funnels to include social media marketing and direct response tactics to increase the ROI of your marketing program.

If you asked Lori for her advice on how to transform your marketing strategy into a big winner, she’d say it’s all Social Caffeine™, a phrase she coined and trademarked explaining…
[quote type=”large” align=”left”] Going viral is not an outcome, it’s a happening. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Just remember, fans are vanity and sales are sanity. It’s up to you how crazy you can afford to be. Focus on being extraordinary but relevant to build the best buzz for your brand that you can.[/quote]

Lori will help our contestants with their social media missions.

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