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At 19 years of age, Linda overcame extensive obstacles to become the first woman cable splicer in New Mexico. The experience taught her to never give up on her goals because honesty and tenacity would eventually win out. She further challenged herself with diverse jobs including fighting forest fires, victim advocate, road construction, etc., and educated herself by obtaining a master’s in counseling, all the while raising a family. As a counselor she encouraged troubled youths to reach for their dreams. Eventually she left counseling to enter the high tech industry where she quickly advanced to a field service engineer, installing and servicing high tech medical equipment.

Unfortunately, Linda had to leave her position owing to several serious medical conditions. One doctor recommended she eat raisins for nutritional purposes to help with her muscle and weight loss. A handful of raisins before exercising gave her not only the extra energy but improved her well-being overall following the workout. There was only one problem, she didn’t like raisins.

Faced with both health and career problems, Linda founded Java Raiz. After lengthy experimenting she discovered a very unique process and created the first coffee infused organic raisins. Coffee mocha raisins quickly followed. When some of her grandchildren who didn’t like coffee, wanted to try Java Raiz, she invented caffeine-free variants: cinnamon and cinnamon mocha.

Java Raiz revived Linda’s passion to connect with youth, which is why Java Raiz actively donates a portion of profits to educational programs that teach our younger generation about nature and the environment. She knows our children will be the future caretakers of Mother Earth.

Story of Triumph

The worst disaster I experienced as an entrepreneur was having 1,000 lbs. of raisins delivered to the commercial kitchen where I was processing Java Raiz and the kitchen did not have enough room to store the raisins in the cooler. Fortunately, it was in the fall and the weather permitted me to store the raisins outside in a closed contained area so they could stay cooled while I continued experimenting to get Java Raiz perfect!

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