Kristin Elliott, Doodie Pack

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Kristin Elliott has shared her environmentally conscious perspective for eighteen years with high school Earth Science students. She saw a need and her innovative spirit inspired the creation and patenting of Doodie Pack*, a canine utility back pack, in 2009.

“This simple idea has bloomed into one of my greatest life learning experiences.” Kristin let instinct, and an unceasing curiosity to learn, guide her company into the national marketplace.

She is committed to maintaining local business partnerships and contributes her time, talents and resources to a variety of social causes.

An avid gardener, Kristin balances life with her husband, three children and two dogs in their restored farmhouse in Victor, NY.

*Doodie Pack is a lightweight reflective saddle pack in 3 sizes and 7 colors to fit dogs 8-180 pounds. American-made, its functional pleated pockets carry waste-bags to water “to give your dog a job.”

Story of Triumph

“There is no one triumph or disaster that defines a pivotal moment in the course of my journey to inventing, launching, and patenting Doodie Pack. The triumphs come in ‘day to day’ successes of balancing a life of teaching and being a mom with the affirmations of testimonials, photos, and notes of thanks from our fans (users). When considered in total, it tells a story of hard work, persistence, leaps of faith, and optimism. ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.’ ”

In the spotlight, Kristin was Rochester Woman Magazine’s cover story (April 2012), and is featured in numerous blogs about her (twice) trying out for “Shark Tank.” Doodie Pack was “on tour” with Dr. Marty Becker (of Good Morning America), and has outfitted National spokes dogs (Toyota) and fly ball teams. Kristin has met some of the top leading trainers, and rescue advocates in the country — taking it all in stride.

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