Kim LaCroix

Kim-LacroixHi! I’m Kim LaCroix, founder of The Inspired Pencil.

I’ve made children my career and focus for more than a decade—working in the field of special education with kids who have many challenges. My life’s mission is to help kids reach their full potential. To become as successful and independent as they possibly can—no matter what life hands them, or what obstacles block their way.

Creating The Inspired Pencil came from a desire to help parents and teachers foster children’s communication skills, and to help them succeed in life, both scholarly and personally. I believe pushing the boundaries of a child’s knowledge base, sparking curiosity, and fostering a deeper connection to our world is pretty cool, and I know that seeing this in action is pure magic.

I worked with some brilliant folks while I studied education at the College of William and Mary and the University of Virginia, as well as some pretty amazing professionals and teachers in the field. I absolutely love teaching children, but have found a great passion for working with parents, teachers and administrators, too.

Like many of you, I’m always hard at work to create a balance in my life. I’m a wife, mother of two amazing kids, daughter, sister and friend. I put value in my faith in God and pray that what I am doing will make a lasting and positive impact on people and our world. I welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who has an interest in inspiring a life of writing for their own kids, neighbors, grand-kids…

I hope you’ll let The Inspired Pencil join you on a writing adventure, where kids write something every day, and love it.


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  • Anita

    Hi Kim, I love your ‘Inspired pencil’ idea :) it’s lovely to meet you! I wish you every success.

    I wrote a children’s novel for 8-12 year olds, with the message – ‘please tell someone if you are being bullied.’ and created a campaign to go alongside the story.

    I love what you said about “I put value in my faith in God and pray that what I am doing will make a lasting and positive impact on people and our world.” That is my hope too :)

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