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As a former producer of HGTV and Food Network programming, Jayne Ubl-Johnson has changed lanes. She has put down her producer hat and entered the traffic safety arena. More specifically, Ubl-Johnson is focused on teen driver education.

As a mother of two teenage sons who both totaled cars within six weeks of each other, Ubl-Johnson now realizes the importance of a parents role in the driver’s training process. “When my sons were learning to drive, I mainly rode along trying not to freak out,” Ubl-Johnson says, “I had no idea that I was supposed to teach them something nor did I have the tools to help me be an effective behind the wheel teacher.”

Statistics show that 77% of teen crashes involve avoidable driver errors. The key to reduce these statistics is to be armed with the knowledge of how to prevent these accidents BEFORE they happen.

Two years ago, Ubl-Johnson partnered with video editor, Kelly Cusick and veteran accident investigator, Mike Pehl to create DriveSafeRideSafe- a company that provides PARENTS with the tools they need to help teach their teens to become safe and competent drivers.

Recently, DriveSafeRideSafe released; “Roadworthy: A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Teens to Drive” DVD. This twelve step program helps parents take their teen from a nervous beginner to a mature and competent driver. Mike Pehl’s authentic common sense approach includes easy to follow demonstrations and proven strategies to keep teens alive behind the wheel.

Story of Triumph

As an entreprenuer entering into a new arena I found that one of the most important things to do is to be open to learn from others and to build alliances with like minded businesses.

DriveSafeRideSafe offers a money back guarantee with their products — if someone purchases our product and doesn’t learn anything worthwhile or new we will refund their money. So far, after two years of selling over 1,000 videos no one has asked for their money back!

We have heard from several people who have bought our DVD and below are just two of the many testimonials. This is one of the key reasons, that I am so proud to be a part of such an impactful product.

Every home with young drivers can benefit from this knowledge. Or better said, everyone who drives, regardless of age, can benefit from watching this video. We can all use a refresher course on Mike’s wise counsel – especially who are just taking on the road. And I say this with a lot of conviction as I lost my son to a car crash at age 16. ” — Julie Garner, Founder, Project Yellow Light

Thank you for producing and offering the DVD on teaching teenagers to drive. I am currently helping teach one of my grandsons to drive safely and the DVD is a tremendous help. Although I have been taught defensive driving techniques for decades and have 45 years of driving experience, your DVD gave me new insights that are helping with the task at hand. Thank you.”– Dan M

After being in business for two years DriveSafeRideSafe has been asked to be on the driver’s safety committe for the Minnesota Safety Council Coalition.

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