Janet Brent, Purple Panda

headshot[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: Chris Guillebeau[/texthighlight]

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: Forest Grove, OR | Currently in the Philippines [/texthighlight]

Janet Brent is an intuitive graphic/web designer for solopreneurs and heart-based businesses in the creative and holistic arts. She’s interested in passionate people making positive change.

She is the creator of Purple Panda and JFlo Studios and is currently based in Manila, Philippines. Having grown up near Portland, OR, her location independent, digital nomad lifestyle and international client base give her the freedom to travel and work from anywhere, living a perpetual vacation.

Story of Triumph

It’s been a long, slow road and I’ve done things the hard way. I live in a poor community in Manila while I grow my business. I started with $0 savings and that’s not something I would recommend, but it definitely taught me about “rock bottom” and strengthened me because I know I can survive it. The easy thing would have been to live with my parents but I chose the more adventurous path. A lot of failures to make up my success that I know is coming around the corner.

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