How to Find the Perfect Image

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Finding the perfect image can be as easy as 1-2-3. And since most of our remaining missions here at Prosperity’s Kitchen focus on content, we thought it might be helpful to share some tips from our Presenting Sponsor, Big Stock.

The following tips originally appeared on the Big Stock blog.

Keep the steps below in mind to make your search even more effective.

1. Enter Basic Keywords

Let’s say you want to find an image of a dog. But not just any dog. You want an adorable dog. To begin, you can enter the basic keywords dog and adorable in the main search box. You don’t want to add too many keywords. Entering too many keywords can be limiting, and you’ll end up with too few results.

search box

2. Exclude Keywords

After your first search, you will notice that you now have a lot of photos of adorable dogs; however, some cats have managed to sneak in there too. To filter the cats out, we can use the Exclude Keywords field in the REFINE YOUR SEARCH box to the left of the search results.

advanced searching

Simply type the word cat in the Exclude Keywords field, and press Search. Poof! You have now filtered away the felines.

Please Note: The Exclude Keywords field can take more than one term. You can remove other unwanted subjects (children, for instance) from your adorable dog images by adding words like childrenboygirl, and baby, just to be safe. And, after clicking on Search again, you will be left with only your adorable dogs. No cats, no kids. You can go on to add any term you do not want included.

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