Gina Bell

Gina Bell is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, successful coach and author, President and CEO of Gina Bell, Inc. a company devoted to teaching multi-passionate entrepreneurs how to create fun, fame and good fortune online doing ALL that they love to do!

Gina is also Founder and President of the International Association of Women in Business Online {IAWBO} as well as the and JV Mavens Partner and Prosper Network to name a few of her companies and projects.

Gina is host of Women in Business Online Radio Show and co-author to the AWE, Association of Web Entrepreneurs Emerging Trends Guide 2009 and the Power of Mentorship for the Home-Based Business alongside prominent transformational teachers like Bob Proctor and Dr. John Demartini from “The Secret.”

She’s known as a Catalyst for Growth and consults with multi-passionate and creative entrepreneurs from all over the world teaching them how to build equity rich businesses and how to leverage “catalyst” strategies that enable them to up-level their success quickly and with less struggle.

You can learn more about Gina and her programs at and

An advocate of life-long learning and mentorship, Gina’s personal mantra is “Get Inspired, Be Inspiring!”

She will help our contestants with their Joint Venture missions.

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