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Evelyn Kalinosky

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: My daughter, Melissa Rudick, who started her own successful photography business at the tender age of 26.[/texthighlight]

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: Wyoming, PA [/texthighlight]

After 20 successful years working in the corporate and non-profit world as a leader in fundraising, sales, marketing, management and operations, Evelyn experienced a turning point as she approached midlife. As her life began to shift in the inquiry, she discovered two things: the older she got the more powerful she felt, and she wasn’t alone. Today she mentors high-achieving career women through their own unique turning points, and helps them cultivate extraordinary lives of passion and purpose in midlife and beyond.

Evelyn believes we come into the world as sacred beings. As we go through life, we let upbringing, cultural values, family, responsibility, career…divide us from it until we reach a point when we remember that sacredness is our birthright and we begin to come back around, to remember our innate creativity, our purpose, and the desires we left behind, something Evelyn refers to as “Wealth of the Self.”

Story of Triumph

While working for a national non-profit organization that required long hours and a lot of travel, Evelyn began feeling “not quite right” in 2005. By 2007 she was diagnosed with a progressive, debilitating illness for which there was no cure. By January 2009 she was forced to give up her position, and not one to sit idly by, she opened Inner Affluence in the spring of 2009 despite dealing with chronic, debilitating pain, numerous hospitalizations and multiple surgeries.

Evelyn looked at her situation as a challenge, and her resilience and grace under difficult circumstances made her a source of inspiration to both her colleagues and clients. Despite being gravely ill, she became an expert in her field, won top honors for her Sacred Success blog and developed an array of programs and services to better serve her clientele.

In December 2011, Evelyn underwent a rare surgery and transplant. After taking a full year to recover, Evelyn is back and looking to make 2013 her breakout year. The surgery has left her with numerous health issues, but she’s approaching them the way she approaches everything else in her life: with grace, resilience and a quirky sense of humor.

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