Deborah Gallant

Deborah Gallant was born with a business brain, always finding innovative ways to do things profitably. She earned her MBA in Marketing from Columbia University (where she won an award for the top woman marketing graduate) and has worked in the corporate world as well as for small business.

Her independent thinking and creativity served her well when she jumped into the Internet industry in the mid-90’s (where folks frequently had to make things up as they went along).

She started her own business (Bold Business Works) in 2002 and has been coaching and consulting small business owners ever since.

Most businesses started with an idea, a vision and a passion. Deborah’s fun, creative process gets her clients back in touch with that while focusing squarely on the bottom line. Together they look at the big picture, the current situation and identify problems or obstacles.

Deborah will help our contestants understand what and how to measure outcomes for their own success.

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