Contestant’s Contract

As a public contestant of the first season of Prosperity’s Kitchen, you agree to the following:

1. To read, accept and abide by the spirit of our Manifesto.

2. To read, accept and abide by our Official Rules.

3. To provide the Prosperity’s Kitchen team with a PDF report of your website traffic stats, email list stats, and social media stats on a weekly basis. A spreadsheet will be provided for your use and must be backed up with screenshots of your Google Analytics (or other 3rd party tracking service), data from your email campaigns, and other official data as outlined in the form. Knowingly falsifying any of these reports is grounds for immediate dismissal from the game. This report must be forwarded to the Prosperity’s Kitchen team no later than 5:00 p.m., Pacific on Friday of that week.

4. To attend a weekly virtual meeting with your teammates for the purposes of accomplishing that week’s mission. Each meeting must be recorded using the Anymeeting service, and a link to that recording forwarded to the Prosperity’s Kitchen team no later than 5:00 p.m., Pacific on Friday of that week.

5. To attend a weekly virtual meeting with the producer and guests for the purposes of receiving instruction, that week’s mission directives and/or hearing from judges and being awarded points.

6. To accept the determination of the judges as final. All points awarded during the missions are at the discretion of the Prosperity’s Kitchen team.

7. To agree that participation in the Prosperity’s Kitchen program as a contestant in-good-standing requires several hours per week of your time (estimated at around 5 to 7 minimum) and that participation means subjecting oneself to possible business and personal risks including “severe mental stress.”

8. To agree to not defame, disparage or cast in an unfavorable light Tea Silvestre and Word Chef Enterprises (Producer), the Prosperity’s Kitchen team, or any entity, mentor advisor or any sponsors of the Series.

9. To be available for a week following the finale to do press.

10. To cooperate with and follow the instructions of the Producer and the Prosperity’s Kitchen team at all times.

11. That I am not an employee of Prosperity’s Kitchen, Word Chef Enterprises or any of its representatives and I am not being paid for my time or participation, nor will I be reimbursed for any expenses I incur as a result of my participation.

12. That my participation does not guarantee that I will win a prize or consolation prize.

12. I understand the Producer reserves the right to change, add to, delete from, modify or amend the terms conditions and rules affecting the conduct of the contestants, the content delivered during the series, and/or the awarding of prizes.

13. During my participation in the series, I shall not infringe on the rights of any other person or entity (including any of the other contestants) and shall hold all private discussions with my teammates forever private. I shall not cause injury or harm to any other contestant, or participate in any gambling or game of chance related to the outcome of this series.

14. I understand that should I decide to discontinue my participation and withdraw as a contestant from this series at any time, such withdrawal will not affect any of the rights or promises I’ve made here. If I do withdraw or discontinue my participation, I forfeit my right to win any prizes or awards.

15. I understand that participating in this series means a measure of loss of personal privacy where ever the Producer believes that my history or back story could be relevant to the success of the series.

16. I will pay all applicable local, state and federal taxes on any prizes or awards that I win.

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