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ColleenConger_headshot[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income[/texthighlight]

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Colleen Conger launched Digital Photo and Design, LLC in 2011. Armed with a new iMac and a a fresh copy of Adobe Creative Suite CS4 in her pocket, she dreamed of sparking the mundane, inspiring the boring and restoring the beautiful.

Colleen found out rather quickly that a dream isn’t enough to sustain a successful business so she set out online to teach herself anything and everything she could about graphic design and how it fits into areas like marketing, branding, social media and online presence. She then decided to flip that knowledge it on its ear 180 degrees. As Walt Disney says, “Observe the masses and do the opposite.”

Whether it’s business cards or billboards, websites or print ads, it’s Colleen’s desire is to wow her clients with outside-the-box designs and unconventional marketing. Think Oooo’s and Ahhhh’s, not Zzzzz’s.

Story of Triumph

If there’s anything I’ve learned recently is that it’s perfectly okay to be myself in both my personal and business life. I’ve also discovered that when I put aside the professional facade, I connect better with my clients and network better with other businesses.

Case in point is being chosen as a contestant on Prosperity’s Kitchen. Every bone in my body wanted to hone, polish and perfect every single aspect of the application process. What I ended up submitting was material reflecting my own brand of quirky uniqueness that makes me who I really am — and that’s okay with me.

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