Week 10 Winning Projects

Winning Score – Team Project: 17.83/20 (5 – 4 – 4.5 – 4.33) See the Winning Project [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Notes from Judges[/texthighlight] From Lori:  “First of all I LOVED how you created your persona at Pinterest – very cool. I might use that myself – love it. However, I would encourage you to take that full picture and get it down to a snap shot – what specifically are you going to tap into of this amazing mother? For example you {Read More}

Week 9: Write a Blog Post that Supports Your Content Strategy

Outline a content strategy for the remainder of 2013 (see slides here for what that outline should include). Then select one of those topics and write your best post. Be sure to include: An enticing headline (preferably optimized for SEO, see week 5) The 5 elements of the Starter Recipe (week 7) A story to illustrate your ONE point An image that helps tell the story (also optimized for SEO) At least 3 links to supporting posts (internal/external) Post the {Read More}

Candidate Assessment