Week 8 Winning Projects

Winning Score – Team Project: 18.7/20 (4.3-5-5-4.3) [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]The Winning Project:[/texthighlight] Email #1 Email #2 Email #3 Notes from the Judges: From Nick:  Well done. From the personal approach to the stories at the top of each email to the end-to-end passion for what you and your partners have created — this is truly exemplary copy. The tips were well-written (hell, even I learned something and I went through 3 driving schools) and the call to action was incredibly clear. Perfect {Read More}

Week 8: Write Copy for an Autoresponder Sequence

Create a 3-part email autoresponder series to nurture new leads added to your main opt-in list. Be sure to create these in the email program you’ll be using (if possible) and include: An explanation or link back to the opt-in for your list (specific to this series) A rapport building story/vignet (short!) Clear call-to-action at the end of each email A link for each separate email labeled #1 – #2 -#3 The timing for when each email will be sent {Read More}

Week 7 Winning Projects

Winning Score – Team Project: 17.8/20 (4.2-4.4-4.8-4.4) The Winning Project (click the image to visit the live page) Compare to the Before (click the image to visit the live page) Notes from the Judges From Nick: “Michelle, holy crap. What a huge improvement! What I took points off for: The “raves” and other subsidiary pages don’t pop up in a lightbox or some other non-distraction method (ie: they’re leaving the sales page each time they click on one of those options), -1 {Read More}

Week 6 Winning Projects: Sales Funnels

Winning Team Score: 18.8/20 (5-4.6-4.6-4.6) [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]The Winning Project: Pandas & Sales Funnels, Oh My[/texthighlight] Notes from the Judges: From Nick: “Overall: This is solid work — it should be used as a case study for all creatives who don’t feel like they can “stand out.” In fact, there’s a whole slew of massage therapists, alternative medicine, and other holistic practitioners who run their own small businesses who could benefit from seeing this. Things I took off points for: None. Things I {Read More}

Week 7: Write New Copy for One Page of Your Website

Select a page of your website that needs updating (or that hasn’t been written yet) and write brand new copy that meets the needs of your ideal client. Be sure to include: The five elements from your Starter Recipe Emotional benefits of each feature Trust builders (as outlined in our lesson) A screen shot of the “before” if you are re-writing an existing page Post a link to your team’s project (and/or your own board) to this page no later than {Read More}

Week 5 Winning Projects: SEO

Winning Team Score: 19/20 (4.7 – 4.3 – 5 – 5) The Post: Dumb isn’t Pretty: Building Self-Esteem in Girls through Education Notes from the Judges: From Nick: “Tiffany, your blog post was exceptional – the one thing I found distracting was the transitions between your introduction and following segments – specifically “Keep reading for five ways I strive to use education to help her do this.” The video was fantastic and the call-to-action was clear and worthwhile. I’d love to see {Read More}

Week 6: Outline Your Ideal (but Realistic) Sales Funnel

Working backwards from the sale of at least one product or service, outline the interactions with your prospect that will likely need to take place before the sale. Be sure to include and identify: Your current product offerings for the year At least one planned (new) product offering such as the hypothetical product from Week 4 Process and types of interactions for nurturing leads Process and types of interactions for building loyalty after the sale Post a link to your {Read More}

Week 4 Winning Projects: Product Development

Winning Team Score: 17.5/20 (4.5 – 4 – 5 – 4)             Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad Notes from the Judges: From Nick: “Shaun – First of all – nice use of Haiku! I like the premise: Parents need activities that aren’t as hands-off, but something that helps them establish a pattern of behavior that will help their children grow and utilize activity without fearing it (gym class, anyone?) Aim for more local {Read More}

Week 5: Write and Optimize a Page of Copy for Your Website

Using the Google Keywords search tool, identify a long tail key word phrase that you could incorporate into the title of a blog post or a page of foundational content for your website. Write that page/post and optimize it for SEO AND humans using what you’ve learned this week. Be sure to include: At least one image with alt-text Your author bio linked to your G+ profile At least three links within the body of the copy (internal and/or external) An enticing {Read More}

Week 4: Create a Product with an Ideal Partner

Identify five of your best potential partners that you would choose to co-create a new product or service with. Pick one and write a product description for that new thing. Be sure to include: Product Name – Branded for both you and your partner Full product description Emotional Benefits (vs. just features) Price and Delivery method You may link out to the 5 potential partners in the preamble (vs giving full description of why) UNLESS it’s not obvious why those {Read More}