Dr. Michael Provitera

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: Bill Gates[/texthighlight] [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: Miramar, FL[/texthighlight] Dr. Michael Provitera (aka “DocProv”) is a motivational and organizational behavior expert. As president of Motivational Leadership Training, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. he consults with both large and small organizations, individual executives, as well as educational and governmental institutions. With his 15 years of executive experience on Wall Street coupled with his doctorate in management, Michael brings corporate and academic experience together to create an engaging training {Read More}

Kristin Elliott, Doodie Pack

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: Amy Cosper, Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine[/texthighlight] [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: Victor, NY[/texthighlight] Kristin Elliott has shared her environmentally conscious perspective for eighteen years with high school Earth Science students. She saw a need and her innovative spirit inspired the creation and patenting of Doodie Pack*, a canine utility back pack, in 2009. “This simple idea has bloomed into one of my greatest life learning experiences.” Kristin let instinct, and an unceasing curiosity to learn, guide her company into the {Read More}

Shaun Roney, TwinkleTies

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: Aurora Marie Semien (my mom)[/texthighlight] [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: Elk Grove, CA[/texthighlight] Shaun Roney is the Owner and Creator of TwinkleTies. She’s been teaching dance for the past 25 years and has danced with over 2000 tiny dancers during that time. After obtaining her B.A. in Child Development she started several successful dance programs in her local community. She is passionate about her family, dance and making a difference in the lives of children. She met her husband of 20 {Read More}

Tiffany Manley, Sweet Phenomena

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: Marie Forleo[/texthighlight] [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: Wilsonville, AL [/texthighlight] Tiffany is a solopreneur that thrives on helping others. Whether it’s homeschooling, business consulting, or domestic violence awareness, she works to find creative solutions to problems. Sweet Phenomena was started when Tiffany found herself homeschooling her daughter. Since she wasn’t homeschooling for religious reasons {and she never planned to homeschool}, it was hard for her to find resources. Tiffany decided to create some for homeschoolers just like herself. Soon after, {Read More}

Evelyn Kalinosky, Inner Affluence

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: My daughter, Melissa Rudick, who started her own successful photography business at the tender age of 26.[/texthighlight] [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: Wyoming, PA [/texthighlight] After 20 successful years working in the corporate and non-profit world as a leader in fundraising, sales, marketing, management and operations, Evelyn experienced a turning point as she approached midlife. As her life began to shift in the inquiry, she discovered two things: the older she got the more powerful she felt, and she wasn’t {Read More}

Joseph Richards, Salary Negotiators

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: Dan Andrews. His weekly lifestyle business podcast inspired me on countless occasions and kept me moving forward when I wanted to quit.[/texthighlight] [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: Alexandria, VA [/texthighlight] Joseph Richards is a Labor Economist and Salary Negotiation Consultant. In the summer of 2012 he started Salary Negotiators to help people level the playing field with their employers while they seek a higher standard of living for themselves and their families. Joseph has worked on both sides of the {Read More}

Linda Griego, Java Raiz

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: James Dyson[/texthighlight] [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: LaPorte, CO [/texthighlight] At 19 years of age, Linda overcame extensive obstacles to become the first woman cable splicer in New Mexico. The experience taught her to never give up on her goals because honesty and tenacity would eventually win out. She further challenged herself with diverse jobs including fighting forest fires, victim advocate, road construction, etc., and educated herself by obtaining a master’s in counseling, all the while raising a family. As {Read More}

Colleen Conger, Digital Photo and Design

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income[/texthighlight] [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: Aberdeen, MS [/texthighlight] Colleen Conger launched Digital Photo and Design, LLC in 2011. Armed with a new iMac and a a fresh copy of Adobe Creative Suite CS4 in her pocket, she dreamed of sparking the mundane, inspiring the boring and restoring the beautiful. Colleen found out rather quickly that a dream isn’t enough to sustain a successful business so she set out online to teach herself anything and everything {Read More}

Janet Brent, Purple Panda

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: Chris Guillebeau[/texthighlight] [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: Forest Grove, OR | Currently in the Philippines [/texthighlight] Janet Brent is an intuitive graphic/web designer for solopreneurs and heart-based businesses in the creative and holistic arts. She’s interested in passionate people making positive change. She is the creator of Purple Panda and JFlo Studios and is currently based in Manila, Philippines. Having grown up near Portland, OR, her location independent, digital nomad lifestyle and international client base give her the freedom to travel and {Read More}

Jayne Ubl Johnson, DriveSafeRideSafe

[texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Biggest Inspiration: Mark Cuban[/texthighlight] [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Hometown: Champlin, MN[/texthighlight] As a former producer of HGTV and Food Network programming, Jayne Ubl-Johnson has changed lanes. She has put down her producer hat and entered the traffic safety arena. More specifically, Ubl-Johnson is focused on teen driver education. As a mother of two teenage sons who both totaled cars within six weeks of each other, Ubl-Johnson now realizes the importance of a parents role in the driver’s training process. “When my sons {Read More}