Branding Q&A

Our Play-at-Home members are also tasked with finding their best three questions about each week’s topic. And since there’s no way we’d ever get to all of them during a live episode, I’m answering ’em here. Did I miss one of yours? Please leave it in the comments and below and either Nick or myself will get to it lickety-split. How do you determine which qualities to emphasize when creating a personal brand? Choose the qualities that will help you {Read More}

Week 1 Completed Missions: The Ideal Client Profile (on a Pinterest Board)

Score: 19/20 | Winning Team [Click the image below to visit the live Pinterest Board for Joseph’s Salary Negotiators] Notes from the Judges on this Project: Natalie Sisson: An excellent and extremely clear and complete example of your ideal client. The needs and frustrations were very obvious and well laid out. This then progressed perfectly into who Jennifer actually is, what her life looks like in real detail, through to her desires and wants of her future. I think this is {Read More}

More Than a Logo and Some Jargon

This is a guest post by our co-host, Nick Armstrong. [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Let’s Play the Word-Association Game[/texthighlight] When I say, ‘Coca Cola,’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Polar bears and football? Your first date? Lazy summer days daydreaming about reading a blog post like this one someday? How about Zappos? The great heels that perfectly compliment your “assets?” Great customer service? The place your 401k is currently visiting? One last one: Chick-fil-a? Like most fat kids, I’ll {Read More}

Find a Better Problem By Asking Better Questions

Think back to that time you were in 7th grade. See yourself sitting in math class. There’s a problem on the board. Are you struggling to find the answer? If you were good at math, that little exercise might have been fun for you. But for many of us (myself included), that experience was full of anxiety and just made my brain want to shut down altogether. Most students’ level of engagement with a topic they’re not good at, is {Read More}

[Infographic] What IS Marketing? A Definition and the Big Picture

Most non-marketing people usually think of “marketing” as simply those things you do to promote a product, a service or a company/brand. But as a small business owner, it’s important to understand that marketing is SO much more. And I may be biased, but I believe marketing is your entire business — from conception to implementation, how you operate impacts every piece of your brand story. Even in business school, one of the first things we learn is the 4 Ps {Read More}

Confessions of a Recovering Commitment-Phobe

This is a guest post by Deanna Lohnes, one of our Play-at-Home members. I’m commitment-phobic. There. I admitted it. I avoid making long-range plans because “I don’t know where I’m going to be then.” I twitch when I sign a year lease. My mortgage? Forget it. My lawyer thought I was going to pass out when we passed papers. I like quick fixes, magic bullets and one-simple-tweaks. I panic at the thought of things not changing. I’ve never been married. I love {Read More}

How to Measure What Matters (and Set Biz Goals You Can Actually Achieve)

This is a guest post by Jessica Oman. Setting clear business objectives is often an exercise in frustration. It’s easy to pull numbers out of the air, or say you’re going to double revenues or hire five staff this year — but it’s much harder to explain how you’ll accomplish those objectives, and what other things need to happen in your business for you to get there. And if you don’t set measurable objectives, it’s really hard to know if {Read More}

2013: The Year of Thinking Big. REALLY BIG.

When was the last time you caught yourself thinking really, really BIG? You know that old question (I think Robert Schuller first asked it): What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? That’s a question that most of us never answer — even in private. Sure, we might ask the question. But answering it is an entirely different matter. I know because I like use this question to spark fun dinner conversations. And few people ever have an {Read More}

A Rising Tide Lifts Us All: The Power of Collaboration

When John F. Kennedy used the phrase, “A rising tide lifts all ships,” he was talking about our government’s economic policy. Today, we use that phrase to remind each other of the positive effects — financial or otherwise — of working together in all sorts of aspects: everything from neighborhoods to business networks. Finding ways to collaborate — even with so-called competitors — has always been a crucial factor to the success of any business. We’ve known that for years. {Read More}

Keeping Prosperity on Track: Time for an Alignment?

It’s been nearly five months since the idea for Prosperity’s Kitchen hit my brain. And it’s been five months of ups and downs and wild rides. For those of you just coming to the party, allow me to recap a few of the highlights: 1. Kim and I worked tirelessly to recruit the right Guest Mentors — folks we believed in, who had some status as experts or authorities, and who we felt could be beneficial to our contestants and {Read More}