Carol Dodsley, G+ Hangouts Advisor

caroldodsley1Carol Dodsley is better known to many as The How2Girl. She’s the host of the popular How2GirlTV and is passionate about helping solopreneurs clear out their clutter, step out of overwhelm and “Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Visibility” as they build their authentic business success.

Having suffered a perforated ulcer & burn-out as the result of working in a high level stressful senior management position, Carol said NO to stress and YES to the freedom of being her own boss and helping others to do the same.

Receiving another massive emotional knock back just a few weeks after setting off on her journey to build her business, Carol’s life took an alternative twist! She received the news that her Dad had been rushed into hospital and just a few days later he said his final goodbyes.

At the same time, her brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and quickly became the centre of her life, as he moved in with her to share his final journey.

Facing such massive adversity, Carol had to take a step back, change her initial plans and tweak her business ideas and move forward in a way that would allow her to build her business and be with her brother at the same time.

In an “aha” moment she realized that everyone kept asking her how2: find global experts to review her first book, create great training videos, attract over 2000 FB fans in just a few months, how2……..” and The How2Girl was born!

With a background in management, training and self development. And her personal skill sets ranging from how2 create a winning mindset and overcome adversity, how2 kick clutter and challenges to one side and take inspired action no matter what. To her professional specialities which take you on an exciting journey as she shows you how2 use online marketing platforms with a particular focus on G+ & Hangouts, so that you really can raise your visibility, get more exposure and create real success.

Carol brings everything perfectly together and shows business owners and entrepreneurs how to stop feeling like a well kept secret, create clarity and focus in their business, gain more visibility and exposure and create the perfect stepping stones for their success.

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  • Kristin (Doodie Pack)

    I admire your strength through adversity.