Who Cares? Making Meaning of Metrics (and Sex) for the Solopreneur

This is a guest post by our co-host, Nick Armstrong. This week on Prosperity’s Kitchen, the same question came up time and time again: who cares about all these metrics? In College, did you care about your edgerank on Facebook? Me either. Mostly because it didn’t exist. You know what metrics I cared about? How many credit hours I could take without having a meltdown (my “peak conversion rate,” maybe). How long I could ogle a beautiful undergrad before she noticed (my {Read More}

More Than a Logo and Some Jargon

This is a guest post by our co-host, Nick Armstrong. [texthighlight color=”blue-vibrant” ]Let’s Play the Word-Association Game[/texthighlight] When I say, ‘Coca Cola,’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Polar bears and football? Your first date? Lazy summer days daydreaming about reading a blog post like this one someday? How about Zappos? The great heels that perfectly compliment your “assets?” Great customer service? The place your 401k is currently visiting? One last one: Chick-fil-a? Like most fat kids, I’ll {Read More}