Alternative Wedding Planner, Ang Jandak Takes 1st Place in Online Reality Show

Ang Jandak

Ang Jandak

For New Hampshire entrepreneur Ang Jandak, her creativity and drive to succeed were two of several ingredients that helped her earn a spot on the Premiere Season of the groundbreaking online competition reality show “Prosperity’s Kitchen.”

They were also the traits that helped her win First Place and a prize package worth nearly $10,000 after competing for 13 weeks against 14 other contestants.

“I thought the stress had gotten to me and I was just hearing what I wanted to hear. There were a ton of brilliant and talented people participating, and I still can’t process the fact I beat them all,” said Jandak. “I’m a victim of being a planner, and planning to do all these amazing things, and PK forced me to actually do them, and having those things checked off my list is kind of a prize of its own.”

Jandak is the powerhouse behind Low Brow Events, a company she started in 2011 after realizing her background in project management, corporate events and trade shows could translate well to the wedding industry. She never set out to be a wedding planner, yet her incredibly varied life experience forged her into that and more: the new model of wedding planner. She spends her life trying to bring sanity and comfort to an irrational, chaotic industry, and help bring people closer together.

Second place went to Evelyn Kalinosky of Inner Affluence; Third Place to Tiffany Manley of Sweet Phenomena and Fourth Place to Joseph Richards of Salary Negotiators.

An Entrepreneur from Way Back

This isn’t Jandak’s first foray into entrepreneurialism.

“When I was seven I set up a company selling coasters/pot holders around the neighborhood and to my mom’s friends. My younger sister and her friends got five cents on the dollar to make them (They were desperate for ice cream truck money. I’m not proud of it), I haggled for deals on materials, and charged extra for customization. I saved, hustled, advertised, and about six months in, I told my mom I needed a bigger piggy bank because mine was filled up. After overhead, I had cleared over $9,500, as a first grader, selling pot holders. This is both a triumph and a disaster, because while I was kind of ludicrously successful, it reminds me how I’m not so fearless now, and makes me wonder where I would be today if I’d never lost seven year old Ang’s nerve.”


Ang learned about the show via a friend and applied to be a contestant so she could gain a better understanding of digital marketing. ”I just don’t want to be lost any more. I’m really great with helping others with marketing, but when it comes to myself and my business I’m terrified to make mistakes, the result being I just don’t do it,” she said. “I hope that Prosperity’s Kitchen can give me the confidence I need to OWN what I do, and gladly promote it to anyone within screaming distance.”

Ang made it through three rounds of eliminations before being selected as one of 15 contestants for the show. Her audition video is available on YouTube here:

Full episodes are available here:

The premiere season of “Prosperity’s Kitchen” was dubbed the solopreneurs’ edition and was presented by BIGSTOCK.



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