Get Real! 12 Unique Perspectives on Being Authentically YOU

The line-up of Guest Mentors for our premiere season is finally complete. These 12 individuals have got some of the best perspectives on how to market yourself successfully online.

You may already know a few of them. But just in case, we’ve selected one post from each of their blogs to give you a little taste of what’s to come.


Steve WasherThe Key to Being Authentic in Your Videos (Steve Washer)

Authentic Video Marketing. What does that mean? Is it just another gobbeldy-gook statement? Not at all. It’s nothing less than the key to getting everything you can out of video. It’s the secret to connecting with your ideal prospects. And it’s the cure for the common video. {Click here to read/watch the rest of Steve’s advice.}

5 Simple Ways to Stop Smothering Your Social Media Soul (Lori Taylor)

With how competitive the Internet is, how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you make sure your brand doesn’t drown in the social media sea? While every business owner reaches success in their own way, there are key traits successful business owners utilize to build high-quality, unique brands backed by a loyal tribe of followers. {Click here to read the rest of what Lori has to say on the topic.}

Danny InyThe Naked Marketing Guide to Compelling Copy that Closes Sales (a guest post at Copyblogger by Danny Iny)

How smooth is your copy? Is your writing powerful, seductive, and engaging? Can you move people to act, without having to give it a second thought?

Some people are like that. The naturals. They always know exactly what to say, and how to say it. Lucky them.

The rest of us have to work at it. We have to study and figure it out, one hard-learned lesson at a time. {Click here to read the rest of Danny’s post and learn about his latest work: The Naked Marketing Manifesto}.

Pamela SlimAre You Acting Like a Celebrity Sheep with Your Marketing Plans? (Pamela Slim)

The business model for the young and glamorous has gotten very clear to me:

  1. Go somewhere to “be discovered” for your good looks and fabulous abs
  2. Become a famous model or dancer
  3. Start acting
  4. Have some really public, screwed up relationships and get married and divorced a few times
  5. Record a CD
  6. Start a clothing line
  7. Create a signature perfume

{Click here to read the rest of Pam’s post and find out why your marketing efforts might benefit from NOT following the crowd}

Clay CollinsIt IS Your Fault (Clay Collins)

One of the most “successful” phrases in the history of direct sales copywriting is this: “it’s not your fault.”

Fortunes have been made with this phrase.

Billions of dollars have been collected by telling people that their obesity, their poverty, their unhappiness, their dysfunctional relationship patterns aren’t their fault (and then selling them the “cure” that can fix everything). {Read the rest of Clay’s post}

Ann Smarty, SEO expertSocial Media Marketing — Think Long Term (Ann Smarty)

Web marketers who view social media as a promotional tool can be roughly divided into three categories:

  1. Those who blatantly spam (in a hope to get quick traffic). They usually have no valuable content to offer the community and their main goal is to get people click on an ad.
  2. Those who link bait (hoping that their article will generate some links from other bloggers). These webmasters usually focus on a catchy scandalous headlines with no truly valuable post following it;
  3. Those who strive to become a part of the community and establish business or friendly connections with niche webmasters. {Read the rest of what Ann has to say here}

Mike Michalowicz7 Reasons Coaches and Experts are Hurting Your Business (Mike Michalowicz)

Remember the children’s story, The Emperor’s New Clothes? In case you never read the classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, it goes something like this: Two tailors hit up a very vain (Carly Simon’s ex-boyfriend perhaps) Emperor for a lot of cashola, promising to make him a fabulous, life-changing suit. They convince him that he’s special, and only people of his stature can actually see the suit, so when they show him the (nonexistent) fabric, he pretends he can see it. After all, he’s supposed to be able to see it, right? He doesn’t want the tailors to know he can’t actually see the fabric (which again, does not exist). {Read the rest of Mike’s post}

Fluff is for Pillows, Not Info Products (Gina Bell)

Have you ever purchased an information product only to find that it was totally not worth the money because the content was “wide” not deep; barely scratching the surface with any one topic to be of value?

If you can relate, you “get” the idea of going deep with your content (because you’ve experienced lack of depth first hand!!). It’s frustrating as a consumer (feeling ripped off like this) and for the ones out there creating content like this it’s a really fast way to get a bad reputation. Pssst… people DO talk. {Read the rest of Gina’s perspective here}

Johnny B. TruantYou are Dying, and Your World is a Lie (Johnny B. Truant)

This summer, over a two-month span of time, I did an Olympic triathlon, a bike century, a half Ironman, and a marathon.

That’s not bragging. Bragging carries the assumption that I did it with a purpose, to prove something to others. I did neither. Only after completing the second event did I ask myself what the hell I was doing it for. I’m not fast. I’m not going to finish in the top third of any event I enter. I’m not trying to impress anyone. Yet it took a huge amount of effort, required me to repeatedly get up around 3am, and had me going for up to seven hours at a time. So why was I doing it? {Click here to read the rest and find out why Johnny did that}

19 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business (Erika Napoletano)

A week or so ago, I got my smack on when I talked about theory versus teaching. One of my readers left a comment that in turn sparked today’s post – an expansion on the idea that we are all in business to make money (otherwise, it’s a hobby). {Click here to read on and find out what Erika knows}

Diane ConklinBe Authentic In Your Business & Your Life (Diane Conklin)

There’s a lot of talk these days about being authentic – especially as it relates to your business. The question is what exactly does that mean?

Some business owners have taken this to mean they can say and do whatever they want to because it’s just them being authentic. Everyone’s talking about it in different ways lately, but it seems everywhere you go, somebody’s talking about being authentic. {Click here to read the rest of Diane’s post}

I’m So Tired of Seeing Inspirational Quotes (Deborah Gallant)

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of worthy quotes. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, there are any number of really intelligent, accomplished people whose words are worth noting. But I am really tired of the trend that turn quotes and inspirational sayings and mottos into little images with colored backgrounds or pictures of small animals and then posting them on Facebook. I remember going to Spencer Gifts in the ’70s (oh I know I am dating myself!) and buying a poster of a kitten that said “Hang in there.” {Click to read the rest of Deborah’s rant}

Now it’s your turn. What advice would you give (or have you given) to others on how to be authentic while building a business?

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